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Volatile organic matter determines in water or beverage

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Determine water or the trace in sewage is volatile the fundamental application that constituent is analysis of trace of gas phase color atlas, but because big constituent is water, if use law of color atlas of classical gas phase to take shape directly, the overload that causes chromatographic column and detector. And law of analysis of color atlas of look of the air that use a top solves this problem successfully however.

Our company water (beverage) in of volatile organic matter determine the solution is to use the feature of law of color atlas of very empty gas phase to use different detector and color atlas pillar, determine the constituent that chloric compound and aromatic hydrocarbon compound contain in water. This plan configuration is reasonable, the operation is simple, it is each drinking water factory (station) , the important program that supervisory branch of control of drink manufacturer, quality and various technology, environmental protection branch, water quality monitors.

Analytic flow: Sample preparation - - " the top takes shape for nothing implement - - " GC is analysed - - " color atlas workstation - - " data output

Detailed operation method, contact my company staff member please.

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