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Color atlas of concentrated juice photograph is analysing the expectation of the

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Law of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph (HPLC: High Performance Liquid Chromatography) it is 70 time develop a kind of depart that rise quickly to analyse a technology, it is a field with the at present widest application in all sorts of color atlas mode, according to estimation, on the world millions of planting outside analysis of depart of its photograph color atlas is being used except 20% appropriate in compound, the others the compound of 80% , the HPLC that includes macromolecule compound, hot not stable compound and the compound that have biology active to be able to use different pattern undertakes departing analytic.

Since 80 time, HPLC analyses chemical group to develop a the fastest branch with becoming international. As equipment of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph change ceaselessly, increase of function and analytic method gradually, appearance of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph is in each domains such as analysis of research of project of biochemistry, biology, medicine, food by wide application; It is all sorts of actual depart that analyse the in order to such as chemist, biochemist to solve them to be faced with analytic task needs indispensable tool. Concentrated juice photograph has handy, fast, resolution tall, detect be restricted low, repeatability is good, mensurable precision is advanced characteristic while, still will rising surely detect there is bigger development perspective on quality and speed.

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