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The influence is infra-red measure Wen Yi to measure 5 lukewarm elements to anal
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One, measure warm end size and the relation  that measure lukewarm interval

Be in different distance place, the effective diameter of the target that can measure is different, want to notice the target is apart from when measuring little cause consequently. Infra-red the definition that measures Wen Yi to be apart from coefficient K is: Of the distance L of the target that be measured and the diametical D of the target that be measured than, namely K=L/D 

2, choose the material that be measured to launch rate 

Infra-red measuring Wen Yi is to press boldface commonly (emissive rate ε=1.00) graduated, and actually, emissive rate of material is less than 1. Accordingly, when need measures the actual temperature of the target, beard setting projects rate cost. Corporeal emissive rate but from " the data that radiation measures Wen Zhongyou to involve object emissive rate " in check. 

3, the measurement of the target in strong smooth background 

If be measured,the target has brighter bias light compensation (suffer sun's rays especially or strong lamp is point-blank) , the accuracy that measures will be affected, because this can use content keep out,the strong light of point-blank target is disturbed with eliminating bias light compensation. 

4, the measurement of little cause 

Aim at with focus 

Aim at: The small black dot in ocular is measure lukewarm place, with macula alignment is measured target 

Focus: Field lens makes around shift, till be measured the aim is the clearest, be like diameter of the target that be measured dot of ambitious Yu Xiaohei, need not make exact focus. Specific means sees focus please manual 

When measuring lesser target, for metrical accuracy 

⑴ should will measure Wen Yi to secure in tripod (optional accessory) on 

⑵ needs exact focus, namely: In using ocular small macula aim (the target should be full of small macula) , adjust camera lens around, eye a little rock, if be measured,small black circle did not move relatively between the dot, criterion focus already finished 

5, the use  of function of the maximum, least value, average, differential measurement

⑴ maximum function - - - - - - - to athletic goal (produce like armor plate, steel wire) when measuring, because be measured substance appearance condition is different (if produce medium armor plate, steel wire,certain place has skin of Tie Xiao, oxidation to wait) , obtain more accurate measurement with this function 

⑵ is the smallest value function - - - - - - - particularly comfortable the circumstance  that manufactures technology this kind at measuring the target that blaze heats

⑶ average function - - - - - - - particularly comfortable the metallic liquid  that dissolves boiling at measuring

⑷ difference is worth a function - - - - - - - sometimes, the temperature Tc that may care T of the temperature that be measured to ask in very much (compare temperature) around have how old and fluctuant, criterion this function is very convenient, at this moment the instrument shows this difference is worth: “T - - Tc” 
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