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Infrared ray measures Wen Yi to apply in the factory
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Temperature, pressure, electric current, voltage is the basic physical quantity with people familiar place. The impact such as control of the quality to the product, whole inside industrial domain technological process is very big, in these basic physical quantity, difficulty wants the measurement to temperature and demarcate under photograph comparing many big. Because the influence of transmission ” of the “ adiabatic ” of temperature system itself and “ quantity of heat is very complex,this is, this caused temperature to measure demarcate all volume big, needs stabilization period is long, precision rises very hard etc. Be not elephantine pressure system to want to make sure pressure transmits pipeline leak to be able to make sure each other of pressure of inside and outside is not affected only in that way, transmit what realize pressure very easily so quickly, stabilization period needs a few millisecond only and measure precision to be achieved very easily extremely above.

The temperature that will see a high accuracy and tall stability again surveys a system, making sure its “ adiabatic ” prevents heat completely to transmit that is to say is impossible. People makes normally one enough below the condition that large volume achieves hot balance in its, the lukewarm field gradient that thinks center of its interior quality handles some minor volume is enough and balanced, this is why one of main reasons with huge volume of temperature calibration source. Additional, the heat of system of a temperature is transmitted also is very complex, often pass heat conduct, convection and radiate will finish, can imagine, make its temperature choppy at a draught and achieving hot balance is impossible almost, this is source of groovy temperature demarcate to assure certain lukewarm field uniformity, implement volume is large, litre, drop in temperature time is long, cause the temperature inside industrial domain to measure systematic examination, maintenance and demarcate, because tear open the reliability that install temperature probe and affects a system for many times,arduous costly mixes take time.

Industrial domain hope can have the portable temperature like appearance of desired result of pressure of a kind of small-sized and deft elephant corrective source (constant temperature chamfer) , however appearance of this kind of small-sized and portable temperature desired result, the lukewarm field uniformity that because bulk is reduced,must be overcome and causes is undesirable the corrupt practice that needs with stability, should make temperature rises fall to achieve stability inside shorter time, should have necessarily those who add gentle refrigeration is close cooperate, can make warm up drop in temperature time decreases, cool inside chamfer of miniaturization constant temperature and add Wen Youying to ring to lukewarm field uniformity, so integrated the element of each respect, achieve exceed minor volume and have proper definition, raise the portable temperature that drop in temperature quickly corrective appearance, it is temperature measures the field application instrument that development explores to long to get for years in technical domain.
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