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Infrared ray measures Wen Yi to apply in the factory
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Of AIKOM company exceed small-sized temperature corrective appearance, utmost ground overcame brings as a result of subminiaturization technology difficulty, make the user can carry the each corner of industrial spot, the temperature probe that needs examination, maintenance and demarcate to its carries out exercise of spot desired result, absolve disassemble its resumptive lab undertakes comparative demarcate, want to hold the labor of primary system afresh again, can improve work efficiency greatly, spare time, raise the usable rate of equipment and system, and provided measure of exceedingly good maintenance, desired result for spot automata engineer.

AIKOM series exceeds small-sized temperature corrective appearance, change pattern of traditional temperature desired result, what its use a field is extensive, pervade industrial domain temperature measures the each link with demarcate, provided an adjustable imitate temperature source, level of control of tall to carrying technological process, product warranty and the it is important to be moved by accident and searched breakdown to offer examination step that avoid industrial procedure to protect calm value automatically. Check to the calm value of temperature switch especially, can accomplish fast and accurate and convenient, its apply a domain to involve:

Electric power: The temperature of transformer of net of canal of heat addition of power plant of coal fired power plant, heat addition burning gas, hydroelectric station, nuclear power plant, area, large electric power is protected and signal is deferent wait.

Metallurgy: Aluminous factory, copper plant, steelworks.

Petrifaction: Factory of oil extraction, petroleum pipeline road, petrifaction, refinery.

General industry: Plant of refrigerator factory, air conditioning factory, freezer factory, beer works, pharmaceutical factory, car.
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