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Coal index testing instrument - send index of calorimetry appearance technology
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ZDHW-5000 personal computer is full automatic the appearance that measure heat

Suitable scope

Of the calorific quantity that applies to courtyard of collate of electric power, coal, metallurgy, petrifaction, qualitative check, environmental protection, cement, papermaking, ground, scientific research to wait for trade department to measure the combustible such as coal, coke, oil and dynamite explode can, accord with GB GB/T213-2003 " the hair of coal calorimetry method " requirement.

Instrument characteristic:

1 control by personal computer, use Windows2000 system software, the system is stable and reliable, but simple tube is used, asynchronous accuses more, each other noninterference.
Can provide the forms for reporting statistics with qualitative coal, interactive, learn to be met namely namely.

2 height automation, note automatic ignition, automatically, catchment, call water automatically water of heavy, air it is lukewarm, good to need to install only oxygen is played, instrument achievable full test works. Automatic computation,
And conversion discretion calorific quantity, save file to disk automatically and print a result.
3. uses technology of the communication that string together a mouth, fault rate is low, protect automatically, diagnose automatically, use environment is comfortable.
Measure precision tall analysis is fast, nicety measures lukewarm probe, real time shows temperature - time-speed-distance curve, convenient and intuitionistic.
Print test result.
4. low fault rate, protect oneself, search from diagnostic technology, breakdown quick, facilitate safeguard.
5.Handy use easily, the interface is friendly, sex of software fault tolerance is good, yi Xueyi is used.
6.The result is accurate, use unique cooling and corrective system, assure the test stability of instrument function.
7. data processing, input relevant data, personal computer is automatic conversion is measured high low heat output of material and the data that check a result store.

Technical index reachs parameter

Measure lukewarm range: 5-40 ℃
Temperature resolution: 0.0001k
Precision: ≤0.1%
Thermal capacity: Make an appointment with 10450J/K
Outside pail capacity: Make an appointment with 40L
Inside pail capacity: Make an appointment with 2.1L
Working power source: AC220V±20V, 50Hz±1Hz
Lead plane power: ≤80W
Over all dimension (Mm) : 385x365x385
Lead plane weight: Make an appointment with 40kg
Only kind tests time about 15 minutes

Standard configuration

Distribute the computer, printer, appearance full oxygen one stage, pressure regulator, oxygen plays, stupid Potassium is acerbity crucible of one bottle, stainless steel or quartz crucible 5, oxygen plays fluid sealant to fill up 3, ignition silk 2.

Coal quality heats up appearance (constant temperature oxygen plays calorimeter) series product
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