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Of ethane of oxygen of annulus of the remain in medical treatment equipment dete
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Annulus oxygen ethane (EO) the disinfection of equipment of the medical treatment that use the land, but it is a kind of foregone carcinogenic substance. In about code the requirement is being produced and be being used, should undertake detecting to its regularly.

Ethane of oxygen of my company annulus (EO) detect the solution is ration of law of color atlas of look of the air that use a top determine content of the EO in the medical treatment equipment of classics disinfection. Configuration of this plan instrument is reasonable, the operation is simple, be manufacturer of production of medical treatment equipment and hospital is practical detect plan.

Solution instrument configures: GC9890A (lead plane the capillary system that take shape hydrogenous blaze detector) , color atlas workstation, entrance chromatographic column (the 1 micron with long 10m ketone of 2 methylic silicon is capillary column) , DK100 take shape for nothing implement

Analytic flow: Sample preparation - - " the top takes shape for nothing implement - - " GC gas analyse - - " color atlas workstation - - " data output

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