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Colliery of area of library of wavelet bottom reservoir collects the earthly phy
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Abstract uses the twinkling in earthly physics method to change electromagnetism law (TEM) can explore the target system that has more apparent resistor to lead difference, colliery of area of library of reservoir of bottom of wavelet of this article union collects the exploration example of empty area, introduced twinkling to change the exploration principle of electromagnetism law and method, showed the effectiveness of this method.
Keyword twinkling changes colliery of explore of electromagnetism way other people selects empty area
Brief introduction of the first author:   ? male, 31 years old, master, engineer, apply earthly physics major.
1 preface
Length of wadi of area of library of the key water control project end Yellow River wavelet (dam location comes 3 gorge) for 131km, the coal mine with greatly small two sides of edge Yellow River, sulphur mine is dotted. Colliery, sulphur mine collects the upper break that empty area creates,
The undesirable and geological phenomenon such as body of settlement, coast gives live in colliery, sulphur mine to select empty area the production of around dweller, life brought greater harm. To ensure library area resident, collect the benefit of the dweller inside empty area especially, be not damaged because of wavelet foundation project, need circumjacent to library area colliery and sulphur mine to collect empty area to undertake exploration, provide reliable basis for emigrant project. Huang Wei can design academy content explore total fleet is installing a county newly respectively a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of limits of more than 10 administrative village changes with twinkling electromagnetism law began geophysical prospecting to work. Specific and geological task is: Fan of captive of impossible of  of Shuo Da cook and stir goes up  extensive? is preliminary and affirmatory the elevation that selects empty area.
2 geology reach earthly physics feature
2•1 geology
Measure an area to all be located in wavelet bottom reservoir to flood an area around, it is low hill hill more, landform cut is sharp, show “V” glyph more, landform is very complex, apogee elevation is 395•9m, nadir elevation is 277•3m. Lid of coverture of the establish that measure an area is better, landform landforms condition is poorer. This area layer by often come to be newly:
1) Ao Tao fastens group of Home Ma channel (O2) , thick 0~80m, average thick 63m. With green gray cliff of lime of thick layer shape is given priority to.
2) stone charcoal fastens Benxi group (C2b) , thick 3~ 25m, average thick 9•08m. Upside is cliff of aluminous ground of state of gray thick layer, contain bottom of; of pyrite n/med tuberculosis to be mudstone of aluminous ground of state of grayish thick layer, contain crystal of pyrite of shape scattereding about like the stars, bottom is pyrite layer more.
3) stone charcoal fastens Taiyuan group (C3t) , thick 34~55m, average thick 40m. Contact with conformity of layer finishing hot season. Reach composition of sandstone of thick ~ granule and coal-bed by cliff of mudstone of grey black, deep gray and hoar pink sandstone, lime. Contain coal 4~9 layer.
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