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Colliery of area of library of wavelet bottom reservoir collects the earthly phy
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4) group of the 2 Shanxi that fold a department (P1S) , thick 51~90m, average thick 71•55m. Contact with conformity of layer of group of Shanxi finishing hot season. Cliff sex is main with sandstone of gray, grayish, hoar, mudstone of sandstone of deep gray pink, grey black is given priority to. Basically can collect coal-bed the bottom that 2 1 coal-bed is located in this group layer.
5) 2 fold group of box of the stone below the department (P1X) , thick 63~111m, average thick 79•48m. Show integrated contact with layer finishing hot season. Upside is deep gray, grey purple arenaceous qualitative mudstone to place thin coal-bed; mid place bottom of; of 3 2 thin coal-bed to be sandstone of gray, grey purple pink, arenaceous qualitative mudstone for violet Brown arenaceous qualitative mudstone.
6) 2 fold group of strung stone box (P2S) , general thick 400m is controlled. Measure an area to have remain individually only, ply is not big. It is celadon sandstone, pink sandstone and arenaceous qualitative mudstone more, place purple mudstone, route of local clip coal.
7) the 4th department (Q) , each measure an area to all have distributing, but ply change is bigger, it is weak cinnamon clay or arenaceous qualitative loam more, development of layer of riverbed alluviation arenaceous pebble.
Feature of 2•2 earth physics
According to data of logging of coalfield earth physics, parameter of sex of report of the layer that measure an area sees a table 1

Express parameter of sex of 1 layer report
From the watch 1 can see coal-bed collects empty area and country rock to have apparent electric sex difference, had electric way kind the content sex premise that content explore method works.
3 detect principle and methodological technology
According to the purpose that content explore works and task, the content sex feature that combines condition of geology of the landform that measure an area and purpose layer, analyse the characteristic of all sorts of content explore methods, this second choose high-power twinkling to change electromagnetism law begins fieldwork.
3•1 detects principle
Twinkling changes electromagnetism law (TEM) also calls time-domain electromagnetism induction the law. It is to use not ground connection loop-line sends pulse magnetic field to underground, another loop-line is used to receive during field is intermittent measure the inductive electric field that produces by subterranean medium namely the change that 2 field follow time. The blame that these 2 field are the eddy current generation that by underground different and electric medium gets drive to cause stabilizes magnetic field, it and subterranean ground plastid are concerned, according to its attenuation feature, the electric sex that can judge subterranean ground plastid, dimensions, produce shape to wait. Twinkling changes electromagnetism law is pure 2 field observation, compare with photograph of other report law, it has bulk effect small, work efficiency is taller, fore-and-aft resolution is high, suffer landform the impact is little wait for an advantage.
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