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Colliery of area of library of wavelet bottom reservoir collects the earthly phy
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3•2 fieldwork method
TEM law measures coal-bed to collect empty area to use section plane measurement unit commonly. Differ according to the power supply, relative position that receives line draw a frame round, section plane measures cent to be jackknife loop-line, center loop-line, occasionally extremely with the big loop-line that decide a source 4 kinds are installed
Buy. Jackknife loop-line device is used in this second job (graph 1) .
Graph 1 twinkling changes motion of unit of loop-line of electromagnetism law jackknife
Jackknife loop-line device is to send loop-line Tx and receive coincide of loop-line Rx photograph lay device, this kind of device and plastid of ground be explorationed have optimal coupling, frequency region method cannot come true. The EMRS—2 that institute of explore of content of Xi'an strong source uses in this second job high-power twinkling changes electromagnetism appearance undertakes field data is collected. The sheet of use 10m×10m circles quadrate loop-line is sent, the jackknife that the 6 v/LIT all over the ground quadrate loop-line of 10m×10m receive answers buy of traditional thread binding. Those who send voltaic basis to measure condition of area terrain geology is different use 500_700A to differ. To assure to record the dependability of data, inspect the interference situation that measures an area to use overlay for many times, undertake checking metrical at any time.
4 data analysis and explanation
Data by the program of computer computation, processing, summarize as follows:
The first, the pretreatment of source, acceptable to the course source undertakes the foundation such as filter wave, sort handles; the 2nd, performing computation, change for whole area twinkling the demarcate of electromagnetism law data prepares;
The 3rd, data demarcate, the very short time that application is performing all calculative result is right measuring to nod changes electromagnetism law curve undertakes unity demarcate;
The 4th, the computation of a few kinds of important parameter, the data file that measures a place to each has consideration, calculate those who go out each a little bit to inspect resistor rate, inspect; of electrical conductivity parameter the 5th, scale decides sexual ——— half ration explains a plan, inspect afore-mentioned calculative resistor is led and inspect electrical conductivity parameter and the combination measuring a place that measures the correspondence on time and thalweg, scale is become inspect resistor rate to draft section; finally, perform computation instead, undertake turning over performing computation to unusual drop, collect the deepness of empty area and ply certainly.
Change in twinkling on figure of electromagnetism law harvest, collect properties of physics of empty area earth to be now: Writing Cui fan dips in the cranny in layer of the Fu on? is wide for development, layer becomes loose be lost water, even cave in, make the energy attenuation of electromagnetic wave is increased, interference is strengthened, the conductivity of layer is apparently abate, after should collecting empty area to be full of water only, conductivity is strengthened. Change in twinkling the expression on integrated profile is electromagnetism law local tall block is unusual (anhydrous or when not was full of water) or low block is unusual (the) when be full of water.
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