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Colliery of area of library of wavelet bottom reservoir collects the earthly phy
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4•1 qualitative analysis
Graph 2 it is Zhu Yuan boreal channel group measures an area 3 lines TEM inspects resistor rate to draft section.
Graph 2 inspect resistor rate to draft section
The 4 place existence such as the 20~40m in the graph, 80~100m, 130~150m, 200~240m inspects resistor high rate is unusual, join actual and geological case, what the analysis is coal-bed or sulphur mine collects empty area to cause is unusual.
4•2 ration is calculated
The feature of geological earth physics that measures an area according to each, union surveys the practically layer case that area colliery discloses each, preliminary decide what should measure an area to performing a model, its model parameter sees a table 2.

Watch 2 performing model parameter
Perform computation to fold era automatically with the computer instead. The program adopts method of nonlinear least squares and the restriction that improved by Anderson nonlinear recursive law, among them number integral is to be used from get used to wave of linear number filter. Via
For many times the modification of layer parameter, achieve final result.

Watch 3 perform achievement instead
Watch 3 it is Zhu Yuan boreal channel group measures an area 23 physics choose 3 routes (of 230m) perform achievement to express instead, show in the watch collect empty area roof to bury deeply 56•221m, collect empty area ply to be 6•87m, with be identical of actual mine situation.
5 last words
This second earth physics explores those who finished area of library of wavelet bottom reservoir to be in colliery, sulphur mine to select empty area more to distributing limits delimit. Each measured an area to build model of physics of geological — earth respectively, undertook turning over performing computation to measuring an area each, decided those who select empty area to bury mix greatly ply. Select empty area to decide further incidence, protect security of property of local dweller life, and reasonable and directive emigrant project provided scientific basis. Measure an area to collect empty region years to differ individually too far and cave in, bury the element such as real different rate to be opposite the impact that the analysis that selects empty area determines presence is constant. Should exist multilayer when collecting empty area across, jackknife, data explanation has certain difficulty, remain to study deep.
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(Date receiving draft: 2001-12-21)
  of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of reconnaissance science and technology 2002 the 2nd period
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