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Change about twinkling the exploration deepness of electromagnetism appearance
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The patent that appearance of EMRS-3 electromagnetism exploration uses institute of explore of content of Xi'an strong source already “ pulse compresses technical ” , its supply current is as high as 1800 (portable) , implementation twinkling changes the modern equipment of ” of source of strong field of electromagnetism law “ and small unit, and jackknife loop-line is 3M*3M only.
One, Jiangchangyuan;
Be in ground electric prospecting is at present medium, the industrial electric current of underground, ground and atmospheric interference year after year increase by degrees. Present interference field is strong it is the number 20 years ago decuple, the letter a confusion of voices of response of artificial electric prospecting compares the 1/20 before having 10 years only, so, if use supply current of before 10 years to undertake exploration, criterion the response of deep is buried in noise, can get the information of shallow ministry only, think exploration deepness has 45% original only commonly, increase exploration deepness to need deep-seated satisfaction to explain the response of precision so, namely ” of well-known ability of “ interference rejection. EMRS-3 twinkling changes the close hundredfold that the supply current of electromagnetism appearance is foreign congener product, precision of deepness of ability of its interference rejection, exploration, exploration is self-evident. Fu Liangkui of “ of professor of law of report of geological university of deceased former China Mr ” points out our country: “ increases the depth of electric prospecting, best method increases supply current namely. ”
2, little coil;
TEM begins to apply initial stage, because suffer the traditional effect of dc fathom, think erroneously “ no matter what device, want power supply coil to increase to be able to increase exploration deepness ” only this wrong concept. Later, have a few international TEM experts (for example B.R.Spies) show this issue, in its " electric conduction enclothes observation of area time-domain electromagnetism and design " “ is written in one book we look, the time that the curve parts from coping layer electrical conductivity, it is very stable to dimension of all line draw a frame round. This tells us, the main factor that affects exploration deepness is sampling time ” , is not the size of line draw a frame round, also point out size of all smaller than superstratum deepness line draw a frame round at the same time, give out the response of same normalization, accordingly at this moment line draw a frame round can be regarded as occasionally extremely. ”
The sampling time that Spies says, it is general delay time time, well-known, the delay time time of sampling is longer, natural exploration is deeper, but at this moment the precision of response is low, want to increase exploration precision so, or ——“ of this first-rate plan increases ” of source of power supply field.
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