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Change about twinkling the exploration deepness of electromagnetism appearance
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In the meantime, spics also puts forward “ to affect the size ” that exploration deepness is not line draw a frame round. Actually draw a frame round of line of small power supply can increase the magnetic field strength of power supply, for instance circular loop-line, h of magnetic field intensity is:
Type explains line circle is smaller on, central field is jumped over by force big, the jackknife of TEM and central plant apply to this formula (detached loop-line is not applicable) .
The twinkling that each manufacturer produces on international changes electromagnetism instrument, in power supply 10 condition falls, say its exploration deepness can amount to 1000—2000M. And supply current changes for the EMRS-3 of 1800A twinkling deepness of exploration of routine inspection test is electromagnetism appearance 2000 meters, reason achieves 1000 meters have technical safeguard.

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