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Engineering course of Shanghai standing grain learns instrument limited company
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Company introduction

Shanghai standing grain is versed in major of scientific instrument limited company manages all sorts of convention and special lab to analyse equipment of instrument, test and testing instrument of domestic and international industry. Will serve for years at home each industry instrument reachs equipment user, built extensive sale network, accumulated rich technology to serve experience, the one form of domestic that makes many famous brands sale agent business and after service site. Company headquarters is set in Shanghai, built a sale to serve a site in countrywide each district, the service faces countrywide user.
Engineering course of Shanghai standing grain learns instrument limited company to regard Shanghai energy division, Shanghai as Ou Hua Ohua, Shanghai abundant of spirit China, Shanghai five, the Chinese Academy of Sciences orchid change place (in Kekaidi) , big intelligence of short for Zhejiang Province, Dalian depends on constant of benefit spy Elite, Tianjin abstruse, Tianjin general of develop of Aotesaiensi, Tianjin, Hitech-Kflow, , themo of pyroelectricity of Waters of Dai An Dionex of American Brookfield, United States An Jielun Agilent, United States, United States, United States, Germany surpasses Duolisi IKA of Sartorius, Germany, Japan Aolinbasi Olympus, Japan, on the quality that we hope is the product that offers in place no matter and amount, on the dimensions that still is in a company, technology and economic actual strength, can achieve the banner status that is in an industry; The after service group with the sale group that we have red-blooded Gao Zhisu, technical support group that has substantial apparatus technology and applied knowledge and comprehensive, seasoned technology. The company that hopes all all these can be broad and faithful user grows contribution to give a power of appearance of standing grain engineering course.

The technology serves
What Shanghai standing grain is versed in place of scientific instrument limited company is advocated is technical sell pattern, not be the " on simple meaning sells a product " , however a kind of very professional service, one kind reachs the service in before-sales service, carry out after service the is worth reliance professional service of perforative an organic whole.

The one class that serves as many well-known trademarks acts as agent, we and manufacturer are maintaining close connection, have a product to be in not only the strong support of business affairs and technical respect, the periodic that can make sure sale and technology serve personnel more is comprehensive product and technology groom.
In the meantime, the integral quality that to make sure this is planted major serves and efficiency, we pay attention to the technology that serves department rear service to serve personnel to company technology and professional accomplishment likewise groom, the technology that builds characteristic of a labour that have standing grain hard serves a team, provide mutiple level client opinion and medium of communication of feedback of after service circumstance, establish a client commissioner management and supervise, client of fixed connection undertakes the gender is investigated supervisory.
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