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Beijing bright Buddhist nun overcomes center of analytic instrument equipment
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Beijing bright Buddhist nun overcomes center of analytic instrument equipment to held water 1994. Center of gas of subordinate Beijing Gai Si chemical industry, beijing heart surpasses systematic project to develop an institute.
Base of technology of bright Nick major is solid, have analytic instrument to make, the technical qualified personnel that analytic application technology, international cooperates. Very tall reputation is enjoyed in instrument of material of color atlas bad news, color atlas, analysis instrument and domain of petro-chemical, environmental protection.
Bright Nick by national authorization, have right of direct foreign trade.
Bright Nick acts as agent besides what regard the international such as Restek, VICI as well-known company beyond, built a representative to concern to perhaps sell its product with the company such as VARIAN, SRI, IV, CAI, BUCK, CHROMATOSUD, AII.
Center of gas of Gai Si chemical industry regards isotropy gas as the expert, special import isotropy gas and mark compound to branch of unit of each scientific research, universities and colleges, research and development. Offer an electron to enrage at the same time, high pure gas, the standard is angry. Foreign partner has: Scottgas, CIL, Chemgas, Isgas.
Institute of project of heart game system is reference service company of a hi-tech, major offers instrument instrument, automation system technology seeks advice. Solve place of scientific research, development, production to require cooperation of technology of crucial part, material and connection international at the same time.

Bright Buddhist nun overcomes representative and the product that sell company of undermentioned foreign country:
? American Restek: Spare parts of appearance of standard specimen of canister of sampling of sample of filling of chromatographic column of photograph of gas phase, fluid, chromatographic column, standard, air, VOC, color atlas, color atlas uses azotic hydrogen helium gas leak detector
? American SRI: Appearance of gas phase color atlas, detector of special type GC,
? American VICI:VColor atlas of Alco gas phase takes a powerful person of type a powerful person, steady flow of transfer valve, stabilized voltage, electromagnetism a powerful person, permeate generator of canal, dynamic gas
? Sample of organic level of Canadian CaledonLab company and reagent
? American InorganicVentures inorganic sample
? French Chromatotec: Measure color atlas appearance automatically continuously, analyzer of VOC detector, BTEX
? American GRACE, UOP: Silica gel reachs coloring silica gel
? American Millipore: Derv oxidation is stable film of filter of stability fiber colophony
American Popper injector
American Glass Vials takes shape automatically implement bottle taking shape
Australian GE Glass Expansion ICP spares parts
Appearance of color atlas of industry of American Hamilton Sundstrand spares parts
Bright Buddhist nun overcomes main scope of operations is:
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