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Tianjin Aotesaiensi instrument limited company
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Our company produce equipment with substantial technical power and advanced scientific research, on the foundation that introduces foreign latest technology, development produced a variety of instrument device with form a complete set of entrance instrument lead plane, equipment of complementary costal region. Especially device of all sorts of form a complete set of appearance of fluid photograph color atlas, already got an expert approbate, the welcome of the user, basic specifications index reached level of foreign congener product.
The company returns a representative to manage all sorts of entrances to install instrument of appearance of fluid photograph color atlas, biochemistry formerly. Import instrument fittings and running stores.

Ceaseless development, exploration and innovation are Aotesaiensi instrument limited company forever pursuit. Accordingly no matter the infinite originality that the product that you use our company in where can experience its dissolve to join our company faculty and effort.
The company devotes oneself to development, production all the time for years all sorts of analytic test instruments and lab equipment and device of relevant form a complete set, still introduced international advanced technique at the same time, produce the product of all sorts of relevant industries. Additional, my company can have a variety of new products every year be born. Today, the product of my company already was had inside countrywide limits quite quantitative user has very good reputation, already also began to undertake batch is sold in area of North America Asia-Pacific, this explains the effort of our faculty got the acknowledgement of broad user.
My company is developed and dissolvent of box of constant temperature of AT series chromatographic column, SRJ-20A reclaims filter of dissolvent of cleaner of ultrasonic of series of appearance, AS, AL-01, without oil / all sorts of products of workstation of data processing of color atlas of vacuum force pump, ANASTAR and other have good and steady performance and quality; In addition, my company still has technical technical staff to be in charge of a technology seeking advice with maintenance, made sure you are being used while enjoy excellent after service.
To satisfy the demand that broad user changes ceaselessly and increases, we reach the development that devotes oneself to a product for a long time newer, bring the most convenient use and the most remarkable result for you, move toward the world with wider future hand in hand together with you.
Finally, acknowledgment of our devotion ground had used our product and the collectivity that are about to use our product to use

Address: Garden of industry of southern Asia of the developing zone austral Tianjin city ferry
Postcode: 300350
Contact: Xu Jun
Phone: 022-88715820
Fax: 022-88715825
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