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Limited company of Euramerican gram science and technology
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Limited company of Euramerican gram science and technology held water 1993, dedicated Yu Li is spent detect the research and development with control technology and production, the company owns property 120 million yuan, build the base of research and development that has 35000 square metre and the professional production base of 66700 square metre, it is the throughout the country's biggest granuality instrument manufacturer.
The company has all sorts of professional such as doctor, Master, bachelor and senior engineer and technician 103 people, chief scientist Dr. Zhang Fugen is the whole nation's famous granuality test technologist, hold the position of Chinese grain to learn director, grain to check only appoint abrasive of conference vice director, whole nation worries a standardization committee committee member, his paper and monograph already were cited by manual of a variety of powdery body industry and college textbook, have the honor to win Chinese youth grain learned award 2002, very high popularity is enjoyed in group of Chinese pink system.
Electromechanical of Yu Guang of Euramerican gram base oneself upon and computer unifinication domain of this one contemporary high-tech, detect with granuality since development the core technology that gives priority to with control technology, grain testing instrument is one of main body of 3 big industries with Euramerican traditional gram, basically include image of laser granuality analyzer, grain to handle appearance and Kurt the range of products such as grain tally. Series of laser granuality appearance is divided again for wet measure the product that waits for a variety of model into appearance, droplet into appearance, dry method. Euramerican gram innovates through science and technology, make product function rises ceaselessly, have multinomial and patent technology: The laser electropult of smooth autodyne of large part scattering, unifinication, double polarized light receives a structure to wait.
The product of high quality comes from rigorous management, euramerican gram pressed ISO9001 early to build his quality guarantee system 2000, undertook to faculty strict quality knowledge and quality awareness groom. The quality of Euramerican gram administers file regulation, each product (instrument) begin from production, establish independent technical record, content covers data of sample of product blueprint, software, user, installation and maintenance log, ensure to there is complete record inside the whole lifecycle in the product, make technical support uses sufficient, accurate basis.
Through effort of more than 10 years, euramerican gram has made Chinese grain testing instrument the biggest production enterprise, technical level ascends bound of one's life experience has a kind first. Current, the granuality appearance of Euramerican gram already replaced an entrance stage by stage congener product, applied domain covered building materials, metallurgy, metalloid mine, oil, chemical industry, coal, medicine, food, chemical fertilizer and pesticide, war industry, cement, pottery and porcelain, coating, dye, dye, plastic, abrasive, sensitive data, fuel, magnetic material, paint, printing ink, , it is in scientific research and education field and equipment of other pink system and applied domain received wide application. Have on domestic and international user 1000 at present, and exit reachs country and the area such as France, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
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