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Limited company of instrument of chemical industry of Shandong Lu Narui rainbow
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Limited company of instrument of chemical industry of Shandong Lu Narui rainbow (factory of instrument of former Shandong Lu Na chemical industry) it is former Chemical Industry Department the professional manufacturer that nicety of the production that decide a dot analyses an instrument, one of manufacturer of 3 big main production that are appearance of color atlas of domestic gas phase, it is Shandong the province is long the company of new and high technology of negative great reputation, ceng Rong obtains " of demonstrative enterprise of " science and technology, " " of company of new and high technology, " abides by contract defend credit company " to wait for a title; Passed attestation of system of ISO9002 international quality, appearance of classics China instrument learns statistic, in last few years my company occupies domestic manufacturer first place in the yield of appearance of color atlas of domestic gas phase, sales volume.
The company already had manufacturing history of more than 30 years, personnel of existing and of all kinds professional technology more than 360, advanced technology personnel more than 40. Company volume design, development, production, installation, service at an organic whole, already formed the professional product line with the professional technology team with all ready class of a technology and an excellent facilities at present. Main product has appearance of color atlas of SP-6890, SP-2000A, SP-6800A, SP-6801, SP-502, SP-9890, SP-9890, SP-2000 gas phase and DH-920 ground to change analyzer of logging appearance, ZT-960 organic carbon, OG-2000 oil gas to evaluate appearance integratedly, appearance of HT-6890B hot desorption (multinomial country is patent) . The product ever had the honor to win " country science science and technology of province of Shandong of " of award of progress of science and technology of country of congress award " , " , " progresses the award such as award " , be labelled to replace entrance product by the Chemical Industry Department. Among them appearance of color atlas of SP-2000 gas phase is attached most importance to to nod fund of science and technology to develop a project by row of ministry of science and technology, appearance of color atlas of SP-6800 gas phase teachs in the country appoint win the bid continuously in held international invite public bidding. The product applies extensively at wholesome epidemic prevention, environment to monitor, place of courtyard of system and the universities and colleges such as oil of oil, chemical industry, pesticide, trade supervision, mine, public security, grain, liquor, scientific research, have partial export.
Our company take the technology of product quality and product seriously to innovate. Abide by production generation, store the scientific research guiding principle of generation, development generation, update a design ceaselessly, improve quality. The company already passed attestation of system of ISO9002 international quality. Have perfect quality guarantee system. Come for years, measure in order to produce quality reliable, after service is considerate, be agreed by the user reputably.
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