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The instrument on Daqing city day creates limited company
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The instrument on Daqing city day makes limited company be located in development of estate of Daqing city new and high technology, held water on April 18, 2000, register fund 1 million RMB, it is a high-tech enterprise that gives priority to with producing analytic instrument. The stability that comes through a few years develops, there was very great progress on dimensions and environment, show office and workshop area 1200 much square metre, manufacturing facilities is all ready, technological process is perfect. Company 2002 end took the lead in passing ISO9001-2000 quality to manage systematic attestation inside course of study of person of the same trade, was judged to be advanced innovation enterprise by Daqing city developing zone and hall of Heilongjiang province science and technology early or late 2001.
Since establish, the company values a handsome appearance all the time introduce and groom. Share employee now 40 people, among them undergraduate course record of formal schooling (senior engineer) 26 people, record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning (engineer) 9 people, record of formal schooling of technical secondary school 5 people, departmental door all is in charge of by the personnel that there is old experience in relevant major and has outstanding outstanding achievement. This provided good manpower resource safeguard for research and development, production, sale and service.
The company produces the product of nearly 20 breed now, the technology that manufactures an instrument all is own development, function is in banner level in home, synchronous at world advanced level. Analyse data with its accurate, speed is mixed quickly the operation is handy wait for a characteristic to get of the personage inside course of study love. Nowadays, the sale serves a network to cover the throughout the country, what already had more than 100 is large and medium-sized enterprise of petrifaction, electric power, chemical industry becomes his to stabilize an user.
The company abides by quality all the time the first, the client's consummate principle, made strict quality policy, set quality target, of constant complete member carry out carry out. Its perfect management ensures quality pilot is carried out effectively, also can the demand of the contented client of older rate.
Through indefatigable effort, the company gained good economic benefits and social benefit. Was saved by Daqing city developing zone and Heilongjiang early or late 2001 hall of science and technology is judged for advanced innovation enterprise. What Shanghai petro-chemical academy undertook on August 1 come on July 29, 2002 " of water of the minim in the ethylene in industry, propylene determine " the precision between the room experiments (concentration experiments) in, our company produce JF - 3 model water of coulomb law minim determines appearance is one of 3 tests instruments (additional two CA100 that are company of 3 water chestnut respectively and the DL of Mei Tele company - 37) , the coulomb method that uses our company to produce is united to block family name reagent without pyridine when the experiment. New century, the company on day already scan widely world. She is sure to be obtained inside this one domain more but the person's achievement, model the ” on “ day the brand that is the world!
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