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Shanghai sound as man of virtual and ability ultrasonic instrument limited comp
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The sound that our company produce by international standard organization as man of virtual and ability (cleaning machine of ultrasonic of type of table of Lucky) card set, fission, combined-type, devoted type, odd chamfer type, double chamfer type, 3 chamfer type, 5 chamfer type and much chamfer type, numerical control. Our company instrument uses international to go up at present circuit of the most advanced transistor, IGBF and integrated circuit, small processing protects circuit and number to show make instrument structure, novel, circuitry advanced, the job is reliable, efficient, low noise and clear wash clean spend tall characteristic. Wide application electronic parts, semiconductor silicon chip, circuit board, eletroplate, magnetism of optical lens, frequency is fought, polyester fibber filters appliance of spinneret of core flower, fine, operation, communication apparatus, glass service, take a picture headgear of spare parts of goods of equipment of appliance, fire control, stainless steel, glasses, bullion, horological spare parts, special of concave and convex to deep aperture, blind aperture chamfer cleaning is optimal equipment. Extraction, emulsification can be made in the experiment that reachs universities and colleges in biology, chemical, medicine, physics, scientific research at the same time, take off gas, mix even, the cell smashs with. The capacity of 30W-50000W of the power ultrasonic cleaning machine that our company produce, supersonic power, 0.5 ultrasonic cleaning machine to 1500 litres, supersonic frequency has a variety of frequency such as 20KHZ, 25KHZ, 28KHZ, 40KHZ, 59KHZ, 80KHZ, blame bid that can ask according to the client the design produces all sorts of industries special rinsing equipment.

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