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Limited company of instrument of swan of Changchun auspicious size
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Limited company of instrument of cygnet of Changchun auspicious big • is founded 1999, it is Jilin university throws the joint ventures that establish the first times with technical capital. It is the company of new and high technology of the research and development that major pursues having instrument of own intellectual property, production, sale and service.
Come for years, the company insists to be with market demand oriented, insist to learn in order to produce to grind for the foundation, took the lead in innovating independently in home with the spot fast the series that measures a technology to be its characteristic detects, analytic instrument and relevant product, not only satisfied the market in time to be badly in need of, and promoted relevant trade effectively fast the progress that measures a technology and gain ground.
Company place belongs to an industry to be analytic instrument manufacturing industry, below the situation that is badly in need of relevant product in the market, rolled out quickly first in home own own intellectual property and with fast the air that measures a technology to be its characteristic detects, the domestic blank product such as food safety, water analysis, established industry dominant position with this. In the meantime, the indoor air that also issues since 2001 for the country detects safety of code, food is special punish project provided excellent and significant technology measure, those who be safeguard people is healthy and the happening of great and safe accident developed keep within limits main effect.
Address: Road of innovation of Changchun high new developed area 1203
Postcode: 130012
Contact: Sale center
Phone: 0431-87010216, 85100585, 87010266, 85181081, 87010316, 87010276, 87010258, 87010228
Fax: 0431-85177310, 87010222

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