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Beijing boat highs science and technology expands limited company
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Limited company of development of science and technology of Beijing boat a small room is the high-tech company of an organic whole of market work trade, the product of the sale basically is environmental testing instrument. Our company have perfect administrative system and powerful sale capacity. Among them many salesperson has an environment to detect professional record of formal schooling.

We are British Palintest, principle of Japanese large bamboo hat is changed (KRK) , establish the water quality detector of manage chemistry institute in all, japanese light manage changes a company limited (boreal plain) area of China of aeriform testing instrument always acts as agent, in sale product while we still provide considerate service to the client, include field assembly, debug, demarcate and maintenance.

British Palintest is a manufacturer of testing instrument of famous water quality that has hundred years history, the DPD beyond that passes through now is chloric detect the method is invented by this company author Mr Palin, its product and service network pervade Europe, america and ocean city.

Principle of Japanese large bamboo hat is changed (KRK) it is manufacturer of Japan's famous water quality testing instrument, its product applies extensively at drinking water, , surface water, groundwater detect domain.

Japan establishs the manufacturer home that manage chemistry institute is products of notable simple and easy water analysis in all, its product can detect water quality project has 60 multinomial, more than kinds 200. The operation is simple, detect rate is rapid, the unique design that pack makes an operation safer, applied domain includes examination of water of project management, catchment management, beverage, fishery investigation of water quality of water quality management, environment and management of agricultural water quality, and apply extensively in teaching material education.

Japanese light manage changes a company limited (boreal plain) the professional production manufacturer that is Japan's famous gas testing instrument, among them detector of product AP-20 gas can detect amount to hundreds of kinds of gas, include all sorts of poisonous, harmful, combustible explode easily gas. Apply extensively at the gas of all sorts of industry and civil surroundings to detect.

Meanwhile we or manufacturer of major of the sensor that suppress report, our product that suppress report applies extensively at what of all kinds the army and the people uses device to detect.

The service tenet of my company is rigorous, sincere letter, build safe, clean environment for production, life hard.

We pay close attention to an environment, we protect an environment.
Address: Beijing
Postcode: 100076
Contact: Mr Yuan
Phone: 010 - 67950189
Fax: 010 - 67942250

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