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Essence of biology of v/arc bounties bestowed by a monarch or an official refine
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On October 12, the biology of v/arc bounties bestowed by a monarch or an official that by academician, country collaboration of petro-chemical institute of Min Enze of gainer of award of highest science and technology and Beijing establishs changes industry lab to hang out his shingle formally in Beijing petro-chemical institute subtly, this also is this school anniversary of the founding of a school 30 years one of mobile projects.

Min Enze basically is engaged in oil refine activator making technical domain consider, the forerunner that the person lay a foundation that is technology of catalysis of our country oil refining, petro-chemical technology innovates independently, also be the trailblazer of green chemistry. This year the beginning of the year, min Enze has the honor to win award of highest science and technology of 2007 year country.

Origin of petro-chemical institute of Min Enze and Beijing is quite deep. Going up early century 90 time, just be elected to be academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and be engaged in studying working Min Enze in Chinese petro-chemical Inc. , suffer namely hire for Beijing petro-chemical institute reputation is taught. Come for years, he insists to make academic lecture and report to this school teachers and students, provide scientific research guidance to the teacher, the laboratory of fine chemical industry of energy of biology of v/arc bounties bestowed by a monarch or an official that establishs this also is the first laboratory that he and college establish together.

The live thing of v/arc bounties bestowed by a monarch or an official that this new building changes industry lab subtly, main purpose is development is raw material with laying material, production but the manufacturing technology platform with the friendly environment such as the special fuel of biology degradation, careful chemical and medical chemical, and the blank that this also refines fill Beijing labour to research a field in biology essence. Min Enze still hopes to belong to a college to prepare to construct through be in Beijing lab, begin biology to change the research of project project and exploration subtly, can strengthen the cooperation with local government, enterprise better.

Min Enze hangs out his shingle in the lab ceremonially expresses, those who hope to pass this lab build, develop the person with ability of respects of more careful chemical industry for our country, serve to develop at local economy and enterprise thereby. When accepting a reporter to interview, the Min Enze that always coachs as laboratory scientific research expresses, he will be mixed researcher together, with 35 years time has built the lab, strive for make make Beijing key laboratory.

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