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Liu Youcheng academician is elected for England royal chemistry learns meeting p
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A few days ago, academician of Chinese division big Liu Youcheng receives England the correspondence that chairman of royal and chemical institute Professor Jim Feast signs in one's own handwriting, inform he is elected as England royal chemistry learns meeting person.

Royal chemistry learns England is one of the most influential societies on international, on England and international a few study in chemical science the respect obtains remarkable success and the scientist that make outstanding contribution to drive chemical science to develop to be to meet by choose person.

Liu Youcheng academician is our country's famous chemist, the founder of physical organic chemistry. Basically be engaged in freedom radical chemistry, odd electron transferring reaction and complementary enzymatic NAD model is reductive the research of the respect such as reaction mechanism. Won award of national science third class 1982, mixed 1987 obtained a country twice to teach 1995 appoint scientific progress first prize. Regard Chinese division as big senior academician, mr Liu heart fastens the motherland, heart department division is old, make the material of pillar for incentive student, before long he accumulates him individual 300 thousand yuan to endow the school before, established fellowship ” of “ Liu Youcheng, serve as Chinese division big 50 China absurd a gift.

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