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Heavy award recruit: N(of workstation of data of 2000 color atlas
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Through long effort, workstation of data of N2000 color atlas (SP1 edition) be about to roll out. Upgrade below the operates circuit base that workstation of edition N2000 color atlas goes to the lavatory simply of workstation of color atlas of N2000 of original old edition in reservation, undertook many improvement to the software of color atlas workstation, hardware.

Workstation of data of N2000 color atlas (SP1 edition) hardware is at present home takes the lead in using more advanced component to manufacture a technology, make the power comsumption of color atlas workstation lower, interference rejection function is stronger, data precision is taller. Use USB amain communication, crust of complete aluminium of use mould suppress, solidder, beautiful, report of isolation inside and outside is disturbed. New hardware chip is OK and compatible workstation of a variety of color atlas data such as N2000/N2010/N3000.

Workstation of data of N2000 color atlas (SP1 edition) software corrected the major problem with old edition inherent N2000, if be mixed with sampling frequency ” of algorithmic and relevant “037 feature phenomenon, online workstation and abhorrent from data of line workstation share phenomenon, and as incompatible as partial HP printer phenomenon, at the same time workstation of data of N2000 color atlas (SP1 edition) the share increased on the foundation of function of old edition workstation practical function.

After managing through me engineer insecurity checks, can accord with an user to use more for software, for the function more perfect, my department is special roll out activity of heavy award recruit, we each district of recruit whole nation worker of major of 100 color atlas serves as us brand-new workstation of data of edition N2000 color atlas (SP1 edition) test volunteer, the hope obtains the proposal that improves software function and workstation defect further, establish rich award.

The proposal that checks a volunteer to offer and functional design will be in the data of subsequently N2000 color atlas that has all sorts of color atlas instruments to control function and network data to govern a function workstation (SP2 edition) , the workstation of data of N2000 color atlas that has lab work and experimental data to govern systematic Lims function (SP3 edition. At the appointed time, the best proposal that is used will win more award.

Test volunteer has a condition to be as follows:
1.Must have 2-3 year above color atlas operates experience;
2.The company has 3 above color atlas at least, have software of person of the same trade;
3.Be familiar with N2000 software, can give out constructive opinion;
4.A company is restricted only a quota of people.

Selection method:

The person that check according to each is mixed to workstation of color atlas data the understanding degree of software of lab data management and the opinion that give out are a basis, it is OK to be used up with can giving out much, scientific, the check person of the constructive opinion that has specific aim is a winner.
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