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Workstation of N2000 color atlas upgrades announcement
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Normative market, enrol agency of various places accredit

Friend of agent of workstation of N2000 color atlas, dealer:
N2000 (N2010) color atlas workstation will upgrade at beginning to be sold formally on October 20, 2008 edition.
Upgrade edition workstation is unified name for: Workstation of data of N2000 color atlas (SP1 edition)
New edition workstation is packed for hardware of completely aluminous carapace, outer packing is packed to install model to seal paper carapace formerly, the shell is beautiful!
Use newest manufacturing technology, hard pilfer edition, reliable stability, remove the care after carry out!

New edition workstation does not have following problems:
Because power comsumption is calorific, cause appearance of dead machine of hardware of color atlas workstation.
The job that supervisory management board of national provision medicines and chemical reagents releases " 037 " diagnostic data phenomenon.
As incompatible as printer of HP part model and other printer phenomenon.
Solved N2000 of majority old edition and other the partial issue of homebred workstation
Below the circumstance with the operation constant flow that keeps original, increased partial fact to use a function
Began countrywide limits on October 20, 2008 inside with old change new job, particular value policy and agency policy ask incoming telegram of each district agency to case seek advice!

Because the near future is old,pilfer edition insanity cheats workstation of edition N2000 color atlas take the market, accordingly my company will decide acting agency afresh in the whole nation, execute formal authorization to acting agency, at the same time workstation of data of normative N2000 color atlas (SP1 edition) market sale price. Workstation of N2000 color atlas will upgrade to run software for the lab of more powerful function, having extensive development latent capacity and market perspective, hope the cooperative unit that satisfies following requirements comes round to negotiate, establish long-term cooperative relationship.

Agent of workstation of data of N2000 color atlas orders goods special railway line: 0571-28021919 fax: 0571-28021920
The technology serves special railway line: 0571-28021930

Your's sincerely!

On October 6, 2008

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