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China Instrument Society of Instrument Branch Annual Meeting held in Qingdao
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Instrument Industry Association China Branch of the instruments working meeting of the instruments in the Rainbow Co., Ltd. Shandong, high-density strong support, in 2010 15 to 17 September was held in Qingdao, 36 on behalf of nearly 50 member Form to participate in this meeting. Instrument Industry Association of China vice president, branch chairman of the instruments by order Yan chaired the meeting and made the first half of 2010 developments and instrumentation industry, "second Five-Year" Plan the analysis Instrument development presentations; Branch Secretariat Deputy Secretary-General Caonai Yu's work on this year made a report to the participants; Cao ready to plan the Secretary-General also published the "China White Paper for 2010-2011 of the instruments," the matter to And the establishment of the instruments identified specific types of work stations to the participants a detailed description. Conference invited the Chinese Institute of Food and Fermentation Industry, the National Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Director Cheng Jinsong fellows on "chromatography equipment in food detection," the special report; invited to the Beijing management Analysis and Testing Center, Ren Chenshun of Cong researchers to "strengthen the demonstration boost business development," a special report to establish business alliances, Beijing North sub-rayleigh Guo Chao Group Deputy Chief Engineer, Senior Engineer for the new "on the low Carbon "professional lectures, Charcot Chong, general manager of Beijing Hua Zhang Xinmin, how to adjust the industrial structure on the business to meet the market made a special statement. New participants at the meeting also had a full exchange.
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