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Shimadzu analytical instruments into the Sun Yat-sen in China Seminar on campu
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Towards the end, a new round of college graduates find a job boom arrived. Campus at this time is taking it in turns will be held with all kinds of propaganda, but there is a lecture, Sun Yat-sen analytical chemistry has attracted the attention of the students: "the rapid development of the analysis of the industry, diversity of employment opportunities, are you ready ? "This is the Shimadzu Corporation Analytical Instruments Markets planned series of activities on campus, designed to bring more students in the analysis of industry information. October 20 evening at seven, Shimadzu Analytical Instruments Markets in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College students for the Abundant Life Church brought a wonderful lively lectures, shows the analytical instruments industry and its rapid development in recent years bring diverse employment opportunities. Come spontaneously from the audience focused on the junior second-year undergraduate to doctoral graduate student body. Lectures the audience from understanding the interaction of employment intentions started. Shimadzu staff then analyzes the depth and breadth of analytical instruments to the cause of development, showing the R & D from the instrument to various positions of the application development requirements of industry and the necessary skills. Lively exchange of live interaction, many students study chemistry before that job very narrow understanding through the exchange of such broad application prospects of chemistry, study of chemistry for their own career planning is very favorable.
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