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Ministry of Education should control school choice why arbitrary charges thre
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Website of the Ministry of Education has issued compulsory school choice on governance issues guidance on arbitrary charges, the order from the norm for the entrance, perfect for the entrance policy, etc., to the local education administrative department of 10 demands to a timetable, road map and mission statement, and strive after 3 to 5 years of efforts to make arbitrary charges compulsory school choice is no longer a problem of masses. ■ Direct Assessment Why three to five years Recently, the Education Ministry issued compulsory treatment of unauthorized charges in school choice guidance: the first one to explicitly prohibit the school name and any fees to receive school choice. Intensity is clearly not small. Did not expect to see the last one, it is said that "strive after 3 to 5 years of efforts to" make school choice arbitrary charges masses no longer the issue. Since the ban in any name and fee to receive school choice, "any" are prohibited, and arbitrary charges is not to say. Even if the guidance for this year's choice fees not have retrospective effect, at least from next year, do not have any choice fees in the then, why should 3 to 5 years? But also "strive"? The prevalence of school choice costs, the root cause is the uneven distribution of educational resources. School Choice in the elimination of root causes of the reality of the existence of fees Before, simply prohibits "any name and means" the choice fees, not the merits of policy. Similarly, there are pre-school education. Everyone you call the park, the park is difficult, in fact the one hand, low-cost private kindergartens more children received little less; the other hand, parents are scrambling to send their children to the maximum to the high charges, known in Greater Kindergarten to send, as lack of capacity, the natural can only "hope garden disappointed," shouting "your" complaints "difficult." Visible, as long as there is not balance, choice, select Park on the inevitable. If she really the "means any name, and" the choice fees gave banned, eventually become the weight of other school choice. In the high-quality educational resources are inadequate and do not balance problem is not resolved before the busy piecemeal, what use it?
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