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Electrochemical analysis equipment and technology combined with a series of re
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Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Electrochemical analysis equipment and joint research and development of technology has made series of results, independent research and development of rapid biochemical oxygen demand detector, micro-electrochemical system, in-situ membrane conductivity measurements instrument and in-situ surface plasmon resonance analyzer electrochemical analysis of four instruments, high sensitivity, fast response, long life, dynamic online testing, the main performance indicators have reached international advanced level, and fill the number in the field domestic blank. Electrochemical method as a simple, rapid, accurate, high sensitivity analysis and detection and characterization methods, in scientific research and production occupy a more important role. Electrochemical analysis instrument has been widely used in the analytical laboratory. But up to now analytical instruments, especially the sophisticated analytical instruments, the larger share is still dependent on imports, some much-needed special equipment is still blank. Therefore, further develop China's own intellectual property rights of new electrochemical sensors, detectors and instruments is a function of the interface combined with the urgent needs of current scientific and technological production. Changchun Institute of the State Key Laboratory of Electroanalytical Chemistry, researchers from the production, research and practical needs, based on the frontier, in 2005, assumed the Office of Technology Development of Jilin Province Science and Technology Project "electrochemical analytical instruments and joint technology research and development. " Their time to study the development of rapid, sensitive, automated continuous testing and affordable, with independent intellectual property rights of new electrochemical sensors and electrochemical detection combined with equipment for the goal, around the electrochemical method of instrument design, highlighting the miniaturization, high performance and so on, to carry out electrochemical methods combined with research, focusing on environmental monitoring, electrochemical analysis, biological analysis applications, for biochemical oxygen demand, in situ membrane conductivity measurements, surface plasmon resonance measurement, research and development Combined with the four electrochemical and electrochemical equipment. Using the new organic - inorganic hybrid materials, fixed, film, scene by microbial culture methods, to achieve a biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) for the rapid detection, the innovative approach from the traditional BOD test time 5-7 days to 1 hour so, as the basis for the development of rapid BOD detector; realize miniaturization of electrochemical analytical instrument design, research and development of micro-USB2.0 interface, the electrochemical system, the potential control accuracy, data transmission speed, and other major indicators significantly Over the past instruments, while the volume is only the size of a finger, as compared to traditional instruments of small 2 to 3 orders of magnitude, can be easily integrated into a variety of analytical instruments, achieving a variety of analytical methods and electrochemical methods coupled with good scalability for a variety of field and field use; using self-designed double band with a small electrode gap, to achieve a conductive thin films in situ real-time monitoring and measurement capability to develop a high time resolution of the original electrochemical digital film conductivity measuring instruments, and can be used for the dynamic changes of membrane conductivity measurements; by displacement sensor designed to improve the surface plasmon resonance (SPR) measurement of the time resolution, and on this basis, the electric integration combined with chemical methods, combined with the development of electrochemical surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy, to achieve a steady state and transient electrochemical SPR signal measurement system. These four types of electrochemical instrumentation research and development related to the success of enriched the basic science research tools, and can be widely used in environmental monitoring, social security and scientific research and other fields. At the same time to achieve mass production of industrial design, to achieve commercialization to market requirements, has wide application value and broad market prospects.
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