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Analysis of the acquisition process Servomex Instruments Delta F
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November 25, 2010, the global process gas analysis experts Servomex issued a proclamation declaring the acquisition process analytical instruments manufacturer DeltaF company, DeltaF company is headquartered in Boston. DeltaF is a famous brand, the main R & D, manufacturing and marketing a range of trace and ultra-trace oxygen analyzers and moisture analyzers, the technology base are the Coulomb law and tunable diode laser (TDLAS). The acquisition includes DeltaF products, technologies and so on. Servomex hope to further enhance the company through the acquisition of related industries to provide a complete global analysis of the process gas measurement systems. Servomex gas analysis in the industry with 50 years of experience, Servomex and its sub-brands HUMMINGBIRD Hummingbird is a global process of gas sensor technology, measurement solutions and a leading supplier of sensor technology. Servomex and HUMMINGBIRD products supplied to many of the world's leading companies involved in industries including hydrocarbon processing, industrial waste gas treatment, electronics, and medical care. The notice also informed the Servomex its global expansion plans of the latest developments such as: the most advanced British technology at the opening, the new customer business center of Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Dubai, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore and additional offices and new systems engineering center in Mumbai in 2011 and the European opening and so on. "The acquisition of Servomex DeltaF is an important step in the development, we are pleased to welcome DeltaF to Servomex team." Managing Director of Servomex ChrisCottrell said, "DeltaF products and technology Servomex process gas analysis solution is a perfect complement. This will enable us to offer our customers a wider range of process gas analysis solutions, choice, enabling customers to achieve significant process improvement, and improve operational efficiency. "
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