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Development of electrochemical analytical instruments to fill gaps in a number
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Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Electrochemical analysis equipment and joint research and development of technology has made series of results. Independent research and development of rapid biochemical oxygen demand detector, micro-electrochemical system, in-situ membrane conductivity meter and in-situ surface plasmon resonance analyzer four kinds of electrochemical analysis instrument, high sensitivity, fast response, life long, dynamically-line detection, the main performance indicators have reached international advanced level, and to fill gaps in the field a number of domestic and foreign. Electrochemical method as a simple, rapid, accurate, high sensitivity analysis and detection and characterization methods, in scientific research and production occupy a more important role. But up to now analytical instruments, especially the sophisticated analytical instruments, the larger share is still dependent on imports, some much-needed special equipment is still blank.
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