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The 4th 2009 China western international science instrument and lab equipment ex
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[sessional program is arranged]

Time: On March 27, 2009 - 29 days
Place: New international exhibition center of Chengdu century city

[setting and review]

Exposition of instrument of science of international of ministry of ZXBYQ China Chinese and Western is dimensions of domain of instrument of science of Chinese center-west region big, specialization degree of authority of activity of learning of tall, form a complete set high quality exhibit meeting, ZXBYQ assemble analytic test, lab, material is mechanical the advanced technique that teachs the domain such as instrument of instrument, nondestructive testing instrument, mapping technology of function experiment, biology, telescope, high and product, all-around the newest success that the ground showed scientific instrument research and development and application. Develop every year in science and education of ministry of Chinese and Western key area undertakes itinerate exhibits. Among them Chengdu make one's rounds is exhibited is the major of exclusive and scientific instrument that saves government, country and province city association, society to combine your kind effort to make by Sichuan grand meeting, annual 3-4 month is held in what Chengdu nods surely, make one's rounds of Chengdu of before 3 ZXBYQ is exhibited attracted the whole world in all ginseng of hundreds of ten countries and area well-known company is exhibited, swan of size of letter of card of Lai of ferry of mutual An Jielun, island, Aimodisi, Walian, Germany, prosperous, division art, auspicious, Switzerland 10 thousand, Saiduolisi, Shasite. ZXBYQ Chengdu make one's rounds exhibits an organization strength and reveal the effect to get the opinion with favorable manufacturer is mixed approbate.

[propagandist promotion and organization]

One, the client serves a ministry: The database that uses constituent unit to accumulate passes contact of phone, email to communicate directly, send visiting certificate, exhibit dispatch and invitation letter. ZXBYQ2009 consequence covers each fields of analysis and biochemical application directly: Scientific research, universities and colleges, environment, petrifaction, pharmacy, food, medical treatment, examine quarantine, disease accuses, material, make wait for an industry, emphasize the analysis that invites these industries to check central facility office, ability to change place, qualitative check point, lab, manage to turn the controller such as center of room, quality room, control laboratory, disease, agent, agency to ZXBYQ spot look around, communication.
2, academic seminar: ZXBYQ always carries out the constituent kind that academic seminar and instrument exhibition tie, 3 make one's rounds exhibited Chengdu to be held successfully include “ color atlas of province of the 14th Sichuan and relevant and detached technology communicate meeting, Sichuan to save food safety check to measure environment of technical seminar, Sichuan to detect promotion of new technology of new product of the several learning seminar such as seminar ” and company is met. 4 ZXBYQ2009 will organize this one after another ministry of “ Chinese and Western 7 provinces (city) safety of seminar of director of analytic test center, food and water quality detect seminar of seminar, Sichuan biology technology, Sichuan is saved western college lab goods and materials purchases information to negotiate the many azimuth form a complete set such as meeting ” .
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