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2009 China (Shanghai) instrument of international analysis test and technical ap
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The corresponding period holds: Chinese instrument appearance learns to analyse instrument branch annual meeting

2009China (Shanghai) International Analytical Instruments And Technology Application Exhibition

Held Over The Same Period: Annual Meeting Of China InstrumentAnd Control Society, analytical Instrument TC

Time: March 18th---20th, 2009
Address: Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center

[sessional program is arranged]

Time: Will come 20 days on March 18, 2009
Place: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center

Analysing a technology is a technology that crosses science, and promoting the development of domain of a lot of and essential industry and innovation. It promoted the development of pharmacy and chemical industry, medical treatment and sanitarian domain, environmental protection and food industry. The fundamental application domain that project of consumable industry and electron, electric equipment and metallic treatment also are analytic technology. No matter be to face research and development, make or be quality control, analytic technology can achieve appreciation beneficial result.
As in recent years the development of the rapid growth of Chinese economy, science and technology, the life quality that improves Chinese people and live the environment has made main task. China analyses the tremendous potential of instrument market dimensions, offerred unprecedented commercial opportunity to analyse instrument manufacturer domestic and internationally. The hope passes Analytical China 2009 this platform, the ginseng that can allow each country exhibits business to understand the capacious prospect that develops in China.
At the appointed time we still will invite come from project of industry of unit of institution of higher learing, scientific research, chemical goods, chemical industry, electric equipment, metal treatment, medicine, sanitation, environment, agriculture, food, install check, environmental protection, medical treatment and health care to wait for relevant domain. This second exhibit can be sure is tall administrative levels, large-scale, far-reaching grand trade grand meeting.
Welcome global broad manufacturer to sign up actively ginseng exhibit!

[conference program]

Report for duty cloth exhibits: On March 16, 2009 - 17 days of opening time: On March 18, 2009
Exhibit formally: On March 18, 2009 - 20 days remove extend date: On March 20, 2009

[ginseng extend range]

◆ electron and optics of bougie of optical microscope electron analyse an instrument
Appearance of color atlas of spectrometer of ◆ mass spectrograph
Electrochemistry of appearance of spectrum of ◆ spectrum appearance analyses an instrument
◆ heat analyses instrument surface to analyse instrument X ray to analyse an instrument
◆ nucleus analyses process of instrument of instrument ultimate analysis to analyse an instrument
Instrument of analysis of inject of instrument of ◆ composition analysis is petro-chemical instrument
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