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Equipment of production technology of industry of science and technology of nati
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[sessional program is arranged]

Time: In Feburary 2009 18-21 day
Address; International exhibition center of Xi'an music river

[reviewing of previous term or session]

On May 15, 2007, by association of business management of industry of science and technology of Chinese national defence and Xi'an eaves meets Qu Jiangxing equipment of production technology of industry of science and technology of national defence of the 2nd China purchases the “ that exhibits limited company to undertake jointly negotiate can / 2007 nondestructive detect, manage is changed. Wang Maolin of members of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress, boat of Xu Peng of director of association of business management of industry of science and technology of Chinese national defence, shaanxi saves Gong Deshun of vice director of National People's Congress, national defence division is versed in appoint deputy secretary-general Hu Yafeng, body of Huang Sheng of deputy mayor of government of Xi'an city people and work of national defence family appoint policy code department, system reform department, economy coordinates city of department and Shaanxi province, Xi'an relevant section, Shaanxi saves automation appearance of instrument of province of society, Shaanxi learns.
Congress of previous term or session sets a standard to exhibit in all more than 1000, recieve visiting number in all nearly 26 thousand person-time, audience of major attending the meeting is close 22 thousand person-time. Exhibit during the meeting, the company of war industry group such as company of group of company of group of industry of arms of company of group of industry of family of spaceflight of company of company of group of Chinese nucleus industry, group of Chinese spaceflight science and technology, China, China and Chinese weapons equipment forms a delegation ginseng exhibit, a lot of war industry are enterprise or business unit and state-owned, reach agency demesne active ginseng is exhibited negotiate. Attract more than nearly 700 China and foreign countries that comes from home to visit the 10 many countries such as city and United States, Germany, England, Italy, France, Finnish, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and area each in all civil enterprise attends, show its latest technology, product and service. Large quantities of well-known trademark manufacturer, one civil industries and 500 strong companies of partial world, place enterprise also attended to negotiate meeting. The corresponding period, ” of forum of technology of “2007 servo frequency conversion was held in center of conference of international of Xi'an music river, “ ” of own innovation forum and “ are not industry of science and technology of the 2nd national defence general economy participates in national defence to build seminar ” . Congress achieves complete success.
Shaanxi is big province of countrywide war industry, xi'an regards northwest as 5 provinces bridgehead, war industry town of military importance, we distinguish mass rally professional the corresponding period to hold, give priority to body with enterprise and place of scientific research courtyard, produce, learn, grind union, the army and the people is interactive, of resource of science and technology of stimulative the army and the people compositive, the organizing committee is elaborate scheme, rigorous organization, arrange nearly two years of time, exhibit when meeting time chooses beginning of spring, accord with market of numerous new old client to extend promotion strategy, we have reason to believe: Ancient city Xi'an, the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day when, it is the optimal choice that expensive department shows.
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