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The 17th middle east (enlighten do obeisance to) experimental instrument, analys
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[sessional program is arranged]

Time: Will come on January 10, 2009 on January 13
Place: A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to world trade centre

[showpiece limits]

Biochemical technology
Detector of safety of appearance of lab furniture and instrument equipment, biochemistry instrument, education instrument, chemical reagents, color atlas, food, amino acid measures foreword appearance, DNA to synthesize ceremony of appearance, enzymatic award, ferment equipment, recovery equipment, separate facility, rarefied equipment, biology is made
Medical diagnose
Diagnostic instrument, drug and diagnose, system of imitate of bougie of instrument of analysis of instrument of analysis of ray of appearance of electron and optical microscope, spectrum, spectrum appearance, X, inject, electron, electron, image analyses processing system
The analysis is made
Of all kinds physics is measuring instrument of instrument of oil of experiment machine, chemical industry, electron, metric call instrument of heavy system, industry appearance
The environment is monitored
Environmental analysis monitors appearance (the system of water quality, gas, noise and oscillatory instrument, pollution that monitor)
Accept rice technology
Various and appearance of appraisal of analyzer of exterior analyzer, nucleus analyzer, ultimate analysis appearance, composition, material, portable instrument

[postpone meeting brief introduction]

Annual experimental instrument is exhibited be apart from the history that already had 24 years today. The experimental instrument of 2008 exhibits an area to amount to 38000 smooth rice, relatively 7 years of increase rate 127% . 758 enterprises ginseng is exhibited, they come from Germany respectively (130) , England (62) , China (39) wait for 48 countries. Have the person that even more of more than 75 countries looks around 9600 times, the spot clinchs a deal the forehead achieves 76.95 million U.S. dollor. The evaluation that postpone business is exhibited this can reach North Africa area for Arabia world (MENA) the oldest test equipment is exhibited. This exhibiting can be association of international of furniture of lab of equipment of American scientific instrument (SEFA) recommend exhibit meeting, numerous industry all has sortie.

[market environment]

Besides nearly 10 years itself is opposite the steady demand of scientific instrument, market of A couplet chief of a tribe is the low risk diving board that Chinese businessman marchs toward global market all the time. It is not just because of the advantageous situation with its radiate wide range, 50 years free land offers “ foreign company invests; Service freedom; Capital pass in and out is free; Free tax zone allows the foreigner of 100% to hold; Low custom duty, most goods custom duty is in what the 5%” trade policy that implements an advantage quite also makes to become Chinese businessman to develop about the market and search foreign representative not two anthology.
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