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The 5th China (Jordan) commodity is exhibited and Iraq, Lebanon rebuilds purchas
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[sessional program is arranged]

Time: 28 years December 2-5 day
Place: Does envy ┌ guess   to accept appraise happy travel?

[limits of item on display]

Medical treatment reachs rehabilitation equipment: Medical treatment equipment, lab equipment, medical material, things of one-time medical treatment, things of domestic health care reachs instrument of small-sized health care, of all kinds medical apparatus and instruments, rehabilitation commodity, medical apparatus and instruments makes equipment, among raw material medicine, medicine body, medium officinal, pharmacy machinery of package machine of complementary makings, Chinese herbal medicine, medicines and chemical reagents, pharmacy and equipment;
Mechanical equipment: Division of project machinery equipment, electromechanical hardware area, communication area building materials, how to prevent: Equipment of material of adornment of building and housing materials, building, construction, fire control, how to prevent equipment, alarm with command system system / equipment;
Spin, dress: Spin, dress, shoe kind, the skin is provided, box bag, light industrial, handicraft;
Daily expense consumable: Things of arts and crafts of toy of things of commodity, cuisine, gift, stationery, office, souvenir;
Household: Equipment of a complete set of of facilities of furniture of hotel of equipment of domestic furniture, office furniture, office, bank, school, kitchen, washroom equipment, shop is decorated, interior decoration content;
Home appliance: Glacial ark, air conditioning, freezer, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, cooking range, cooking utensils, oven, microwave oven, oven, water heater, machine glacial drink;
Food: Furnish of treatment of of all kinds food, bag has, beverage production, cafeteria uses food instrument, tableware, deposit facility, hotel service reachs device; Turn labour goods;
Steam rub: Steam rub fittings component.

[market background]

3 million person of • Jordan, among them 1 million for Iraqi, still have partial Pakistani;
• enlighten do obeisance to also have inflation, in enlighten do obeisance to deal, each everyday cost 1000 dollars, because major commodity relies on an entrance, prices goes with the world;
• Jordan incompetent source, without resource, but policy is good, education develops, manpower natural resources is sufficient. Circumjacent country wealthy person contends for endowment of agree with each other;
The commodity of 90 % of • Jordan comes from China, but however the Jordanian goes to China purchasing the 90 % of these commodity;
• small to medium sized project: If steam matchs, package machine, building materials, investment is not large, but gains is good;
• is stationed in goods and materials of Yi U.S. Army to turn from Jordan. The goods and materials that Chinese aid Iraq rebuilds before also is from transport of airport of Jordanian for military use. Safety can get completely ensuring;
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