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The 5th China (Jordan) commodity is exhibited and Iraq, Lebanon rebuilds purchas
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Part of • Jordan financing is small, chinese company goes Jordan investing, can bring a technology completely only;
• China already or include the plant that invests in Jordan certainly: Dress, car, medical the industry such as complementary makings, cement;
• offers card of country of origin to give Chinese investment the company by Jordanian trade labour union, can enjoy 0 custom duty;
The delegate that • Jordan sends 3500 companies every time looks around wide hand in meeting.

[go to a circumstance]

“ the 5th China (Jordan) commodity is exhibited reach investment to negotiate meeting and Iraq, Lebanon rebuilds on the foundation that purchases congress ” to hold 4 in the success, will innovate somewhat 2008, especially the situation makes new politics current exhibit can be different from go to the outbreak of a —— Lebanon and Israel war brought up to rebuild newly the market, according to not complete count, rebuild Lebanon infrastructure and the capital that the building that be destroyed needs amount to above of 10 billion dollar, a large number of people swarm into circumjacent country, crude price rises ceaselessly, the wealthy businessman of the country such as bay people choose to be in the Jordan with delightful climate to purchase house property in succession, jordanian real-estate project and infrastructure construction show condition of state of affairs of swift and violent development and many a network of rivers to transform a project, all make the product gap such as a powerful person tubal pump huge, and the platform that regards Iraq of pass in and out as the market at the same time and gangplank, jordan rebuilds in Yi the respect was occupied first machine, the Iraqi of 1 million enters Jordan,
Include more than 80 thousand trader that has actual strength relatively among them, the product that enters Iraqi market is in Jordan duty-free, iraqi periphery country avoids autograph state exclusively to Iraqi.

[exhibit meeting window]

Open a special administrative area by product category;
On foundation of the first wide reputable reputable, exhibit meeting the corresponding period to hold the 2nd China (Jordan) investment negotiates meeting;
Jordanian economy develops a special zone to be opened to foreign manufacturer, export commodity to arrive from which any countries are duty-free, land is used freely;
Chamber of commerce of imports and exports will invite Iraq to buy the home to show up greatly

[contact means]
Shanghai international advertisement shows limited company
Address: Road of Shanghai constant abundant edifice of business affairs of 218 Shanghai traffic 2104 rooms
Contact: Mr Shi Yunliang
Telephone exchange: 021-51276768 turns 8005 faxes: 021-51276766Http:// E-mail: Expo2-8@siae.comHttp://

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