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Water treatment of 2008 Dongguan international, reach energy-saving application
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Water, wastewater&Water Treatment, pump, valve&Pipe, energy-saving Dongguan 2008 Exhibition
Activity of the corresponding period: Promotion of new technology of new product of science and technology of international water treatment reachs sale seminar

[sessional program is arranged]

Time: In November 2008 26-28 day
Date: Nov.26 - Nov.28, 2008
Place: Dongguan. Center of Guangdong contemporary exhibition (
Add: GD Modern International Exhibition Center,

[enterprise ginseng exhibits a purpose]

1, season of facilitating Qiu Dong buys an order for goods clinch a deal
2, improve industry industry famous spend and publicize company image
3, show company new product and new technology
4,   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of check market demand
5, the dominant position that evaluates a competitor and defect
6, search   of     of agent and   of   of   of   of agency    
7, negotiate face-to-face with target company decision-maker and potential client
8, offer to buy the home to improve current producer mood potentially

[media of collaboration of China and foreign countries]

" water supply catchment " " catchment of Chinese water supply " " industrial water treatment " " industrial water and liquid waste " " market of industry of water of Chinese construction information " " irrigation works science and technology and economy " " Chinese water world " " Chinese section water " " conduit market conditions " " warm connect drain off water "

[market prospect]

Reforming and opening comes more than 20 years, our country economy scored the success that common people fixes eyes upon, but drew the environment that improves urgently to pollute a problem, especially problem of water environment pollution is increasingly serious, drinking water safety is put in hair of frequency of accident of hidden trouble, water pollution, below grim situation, guangdong according to “ 915 ” plan, the plan throws water pollution of 50 billion yuan of processing, , save city life sewage to center processing to lead completely not under 60% , enough shows the governmental care to water natural resources and determination; World-famous production center---Dongguan, among corridor of economy of harbor is in spic, connect scion, deep, harbor, benefit, for traffic hub of Hua Na, it is the industrial production base with Hua Na the the giantest, mainest area, also be the strategic key that Guangdong processing environment pollutes. During 915 ” of “ , dongguan municipal government plans to throw 14.2 billion yuan, introduce fund with BOT form, construction processing dimensions amounts to 3.555 million tons / the sewage disposal project of day, current the powerful industry setting that exhibits meeting general to rely on Dongguan and Shenzhen adequately to create base as international electron, play can extend the advantage of the first town, except show current and newest technology and product, the senior expert that exhibits meeting force to seek industry of domestic and international water with respect to water standard, how to safeguard and the respect such as the velar technology that uses water natural resources, day to be exhibited inereasingly better undertakes special subject makes a speech; Also offerred the opportunity that holds new product news briefing and seminar for the enterprise at the same time, the impetus of produce and sale of season of Qiu Dong of course of study of stimulative Guangdong environmental protection, drive the further progress of the industry!
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