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Water treatment of 2008 Dongguan international, reach energy-saving application
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Strong hit out exhibit meeting!

Straight face buys a group greatly, the way with the most efficient sheet of Ji Ding of facilitating Qiu Dongchun!
Regard the production of domestic the first of all as base- - Guan difficult area, centered Guangdong nearly 4 into much larger production company, foreign capital enterprise is bristly, it is the ground that manufacturer of equipment of relevant environmental protection contends for surely already, competition is more intense in recent years, environmental protection enterprise is divided outside strengthening level of oneself product technology to compete, sell follow-up of azimuth of means Yi Xuquan, this second exhibit meeting base oneself upon at facilitating the sale of company second half of the year clinchs a deal the forehead, face Guan difficult area is active and giant Mai Jiaqun, use exhibit meeting platform to build company image to reach increase with the client communicate face-to-face, already was confirmed to be to facilitate trading efficient way!
The water treatment with the most serious Shenzhen of Dongguan of second half of the year is exhibited one of, the grand meeting that nots allow to miss!
Our couplet saves the composition such as guild of significant environmental protection and branch of local environmental protection together assist do an orgnaization, cogent participate in postpone the action business of the meeting and promotion job, organize member unit to arrive at this second exhibition, add numerous Hua Na the promotion of senior and professional media, rise from each levels of industry and society extend the influence of the meeting, the made water treatment with become difficult area of Guan of second half of the year the most serious is exhibited one of, collect the major client firm inside Dongguan Shenzhen course of study, real ground makes the royal trade activity of course of study of whole area environmental protection! Also be the absolutely good business chance that numerous firm increases sale of late market of Guan of second half of the year, in already was being included key ginseng to exhibit calendar by most and canny operator.

Deal with concrete matters relating to work reachs the designated position reach extensive propagandist promotion
Show a company as major, we hold to ” everything is watched to increase only exhibit the amount that buys the home and quality! Of ” do extend a principle, our buy the home to invite working base oneself upon at whole Guangdong area, be aimed at city of Dongguan, Shenzhen, suitable heart, Zhongshan, benefit to wait for main manufacturing base to make difference change promotion plan, fulfil reach the designated position:
1, the field is popularized in media, included newspaper media (masses newspaper, trade paper) , broadcasting station of professional magazine media, professional network media, outdoors media, TV travels;
2, the group buying the home that popularizes a ceaseless collect essence to allow-----The large category manufacturer such as tap water company, sewage treatment plant, papermaking, printing and dyeing, spin, electron, shoemaking, electric power, petrifaction, collect of again ordinal fractionize accumulates; to pollute place of courtyard of unit of the distribute inside user of larger trade business and course of study, scientific research, environmental protection to design unit and relevant personage especially, send phone of person specially assigned for a task to dog detailed data, database of timely newer audience, send through much time look around invite certificate, phone fax, email group hair and short message database group the means such as hair, wu seeks the company that will exhibit meeting information to inform and other places of city of Dongguan, Shenzhen, suitable heart, Zhongshan, benefit of the area;
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