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Water treatment of 2008 Dongguan international, reach energy-saving application
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3, orgnaization of support of China and foreign countries and association unit form a delegation ginseng exhibit look around;
4, promotion working group is in domestic large environmental protection kind major exhibits conduct propaganda of meeting executive promotion;
5, exhibit meeting the corresponding period to hold forum of height of environmental protection course of study and seminar of special subject technology, chair;
Our media promotion and combination of promotion of person specially assigned for a task will produce tremendous effect, gather together at the appointed time the personage inside more course of study and buy the home to attend a meeting look around negotiate with purchase!
Home is famed exhibit a house---Center of Guangdong contemporary exhibition
Center of Guangdong contemporary exhibition is area of Asian monomer exhibition is the largest exhibit a house. Indoor exhibition gross area 100 thousand square metre, can offer in all 5, 500 standards stall. Frame structure, the clear height inside the house is 11 meters, can offer pass in and out of large freight car, crane, water, report, air conditioning, ground bearings, the conference, jockey etc each hardware establishment is advantageous, be located in the central area of Dongguan, come for years large exhibition holds almost all Dongguan here, make the name that exhibit a house is heard domestic and international, bead trigonometry area travelling merchant is hep position of the traffic that exhibit a house, also be the assurance that exhibits meeting success!
Exhibit the ginseng with a price extremely tall redound really to exhibit the effect!
The exhibiting that long prep as far as of our do one's best grows continuously can be managed, in ensure the ginseng that postpone business exhibits the effect while, the commerce that scrupulouslies abide by best sex price to compare sells a principle, abandon style of sale of sudden huge profits, bring ginseng postpone a business price of a surprise, gather more connoisseur, extend business chance actively, share trade grand occasion!
The wonderful combination that exhibit an area is attracted infinite!
The corresponding period holds industry of “ international electron to exhibit ” (1A house) , it is important to cover electronic industry catenary the special subject of link exhibits an area, centered more electrons to produce a business, the view that also strengthened to buy the home exhibits enthusiasm, the spot interacts those who become manufacturing industry manufacturer and manufacturer of environmental protection equipment, negotiate into industry Wu directly and the product sets an example; Invite industry the technical delibrate that well-known company and authoritative personage spread out each special subject, at the appointed time, the efficient crowd such as controller of high level, client will be as collective as you related the government discuss the trends inside newest course of study and the development way henceforth.
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