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Water treatment of 2008 Dongguan international, reach energy-saving application
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The city with the giantest manufacturer of a manufacturing industry! Also be the city that manufacturing industry of a main punish pollutes!
Can you let such business chance brushs a body and pass?

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◆ gives catchment, water treatment device:
Sewage disposal equipment: The mixer, machine that blow mud, except corrupt equipment of surplus of machine, steam, depart except arenaceous machine, machine suction mud, grease machine of equipment, centrifugal, filter press, thickener, air-blower, aeration
Give catchment technology and device: Insulation material and equipment of water supply of tubal material, valve, pump, weather strip, frequency conversion, equipment;
Make water technology and equipment: Clean water, distilled water, mineral water, high pure the technology making water such as water, equipment and product;
Film reachs equipment of membrane separation technology: Pressure vessel of component of film, film, glass reinforced plastics, stainless steel pressure vessel, filter with separate facility;
Water disinfection and bate divide salt: Chloric generator of ozonizer, 2 oxidation, ultraviolet ray is antiseptic implement, the equipment that add drug, add chloric machine, reverse osmosis, soft water implement, ooze of report of EDI device, magnetization, deoxidize implement, divide manganese except iron, except dirty;
Water treatment drug and material: Garrulous coagulates agent, clean water agent, block is dirty agent, corrosion inhibiter, antiseptic destroy alga agent, clear lotion, beforehand the material such as makings of inorganic agent of velar agent, anti-foaming agent, boiler water and ion exchange colophony, activated carbon, filling, filter and its use all sorts of drug such as technology, equipment;
Water equipment: Machine of family expenses pure water, business uses pure water machine, water clean water of machine, family expenses implement, equipment of furnish of clean water fittings, fill;
Instrument appearance and control a system oneself: Metric detect, analytic experiment, monitor, pressure, content, discharge, temperature, water meter, water analysis, sensor, change send implement, ark of transducer, control, system is compositive management;
Design of water project construction and seek advice, give catchment plot software, books and periodicals;

Product of conduit of ◆ pump valve
Of all kinds pump: All sorts of industry such as pump of pump of sumbersible pump, conduit, fire pump, centrifugal pump, vavuum pump, water pump, sewage pump, chemical industry, agriculture uses pump;
Of all kinds valve: The of all kinds valve such as a powerful person of ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, brake a powerful person, force plunger a powerful person, electromagnetism a powerful person, blowdown a powerful person, drain valve, check valve, shut-off valve, throttle, faucet, diaphragm valve, pressure-relief valve, control valve and actuating device, weather strip and valve fittings;
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