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Water treatment of 2008 Dongguan international, reach energy-saving application
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Material of of all kinds canal, conduit reachs its fittings: Head of knot of steel tube of plastic conduit, metal conduit, glass, multiple tube, conduit;

Energy-saving, the sources of energy and resource use ◆ integratedly: Ash of caries of Nai of laying forgive of ⒌ of Peng of oath of Liu of  of ⑸ of  of leisurely of ⒄ of Peng of  of ⑺ of Peng of let down with a rope of ⒎ of  Sha Peng calls on  ⒔ closelies question Yun ⒔ plans more lowing ⒔ to shirk why technology of energy of other cleanness of? of border of graph of extensive of exemplarying  of flatter of   vasting admire and equipment,

[ginseng exhibit expense]
Standard fare:
The standard exhibits (9m2 standard exhibits a stage to configure by international standard) empty space (hire since 36 square metre) inside endowment enterprise: B area 7800 yuan / other area 6800 yuan / B area 700 yuan / M2 other area 600 yuan / enterprise of foreign capital of M2: 1000 dollars / 100 dollars / M2
The standard exhibits a configuration: 3 exhibit 2.5 meters high board (corner exhibits a two sides) , carpet, Chinese and English lintel board, two chairs, a piece
Negotiate cleanness of basket of security personnel of two desk, tube, assembly room, one paper, assembly room, hire clearing does not have any configuration.

Ad fare:
Cover 15000 yuan of back cover 12000 yuan of inside front cover 8000 yuan of inside back cover complete edition of 6000 yuan of colour visits 7000 yuan of title page 3000 yuan certificate 10000 yuan / 10 thousand pieces black and white advertisement of picture of gush of 2000 yuan of spots visits complete edition 4000 yuan card advertisement: 10000 yuan / 10 thousand arch 6000 yuan / chromatic balloon 3000/ gift bag 10000 yuan / promotion of 5000 products technology meets every 3000 yuan / hour
[the organizing committee is contacted]

Guangzhou gets rich to show limited company
258 austral Jia Yuanping in Guangzhou Zhongshan highway fruit city A 2406
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Pass True: 020-28852411
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Contact: Mr Feng

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