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International material engineering technology reachs equipment exhibition
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International Material Process Technology&Equipment Exhibition

[sessional program is arranged]

Time: In November 2008 day of 21 - 23
Place: Guangzhou college town - Huanali is versed in university conference shows office

[Chinese material forum and exhibition introduction]

Seminar of 2008 China material (annual meeting) will in November 2008 20 - hold ceremoniously 24 days in Guangzhou. This second conference is the first time since Chinese material considers to learn the 5th board to hold water seminar of learning of large omnibus year and exhibition, also be to be commemorative China division assist hold water 50 years and hold. Congress got family of ministry of national science and technology, China assist, research of data of ministry, international learns chemical industry of committee of national science foundation, Chinese Academy of Engineering, metallurgy and material engineering division of province of federation, Guangdong assist, Guangzhou city family assist support energetically.

The conference presses the means that learning of field of 20 report of congress specially invite, branch communicates to undertake, establish material to teach new material of the 2nd forum, data industry forum, two sides of the Taiwan Straits to develop forum,

The conference will have come from include domestic and international material 1200 more than person attends the expert of each domain, still still will hold new material, new engineering technology at the same time exhibition and issue 2008 China material to consider to learn a young person excellent paper award.

Creat brand-new the industry distinguished gathering that the personage inside domestic and international expert of business chance —— , course of study gathers

Technological equipment of “ international data and technical exhibition ” reach home market for giant Hua Na only and set, it is the exhibition that China reachs technical gather first times to give priority to a problem with data technological equipment. Exhibition combined the support that industry dominant position and government, industry is in charge of, concentration shows the newest development case of technological equipment of domestic and international data and technical mart, offer many trade good opportunity for industry public figure, can let you:
- establish, safeguard reach reinforce company image;
- development market and seek new client;
- introductory new product and service;
- search agent, jobber and partner to add sale channel;
- show an advanced technique, in the person of the same trade dash forward show oneself to lead a position;
- new product of research place market, development;
- with the government, industry director orgnaization is reached learn (assist) unit of place of courtyard of meeting, scientific research establishs good connection;

[the integral conduct propaganda of exhibition organizes a plan]
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