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International material engineering technology reachs equipment exhibition
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Magazine of brand of the mainstream inside course of study and industry major website will cooperate cheek by jowl with us, face relevant application industry, before exhibit, in exhibiting, after exhibiting, have comprehensive story.
Directional straight mail: Circumjacent area is reached south Suo Dinghua 10, 000 important buy the home, send development directly through post office meeting data.
Exhibit meeting dispatch: Deliver address of 400 thousand mailing regularly through Internet.
The corresponding period holds Chinese material seminar (annual meeting) , 1200 delegates attend, form good synergism, create more business chance to postpone business.
As ginseng postpone business, you include organic meeting bring into contact with new material inside 100 ginseng are exhibited business and 10, many 000 professional audience.

Professional audience basically comes from the following each are big industry:
Like the material such as equipment of fishery of a light boat of government, anticorrosive project, construction project, car, boat, aerospace, national defence, mechanical, electron, aricultural, exercise application designs orgnaization of enterprise of research and development and designing institute place, scientific research, production enterprise and trade are current wait for an industry.

The audience basically comes from the professional personage at the following branches:
CTO | Engineer of product research and development | Product department manager, engineer | Quality controls an engineer | Purchase a manager | Scholar.

[ginseng exhibit limits to reach showpiece content]

1, data processing equipment and technology of form a complete set: The computer simulation of A) material preparation and figuration and emulate
1.The computer assists a project (CAE)
2.CAD and make (CAD/CAM)B) mould CAD/CAM; C) shapes quickly craft and equipment (RP) ; D) material is advanced processing technology and equipment;

2, analytic test, testing instrument, test measures equipment and technology: Instrument of analysis of light of lens of A) microscope, report, X, composition, pulverous granuality analyses an instrument; B) analysis instrument, color atlas, spectroscopic, microscope and optical image are handled; C) nondestructive detects, experiment of physical test, mechanical test, material, equipment is diagnosed monitor; Equipment of appraisal of test of control of D) industry quality, material, material reachs a technology;

3, material is mechanical function test equipment;
4, other data technological equipment and technology, industry periodical, professional website and media, project seeks advice reach a service;

[ginseng exhibit charge to reach postpone a configuration introduction]

The standard exhibits an expense that rent: Domestic company: 9180 yuan / 9m2/ exhibition period;
3 endowment enterprise: 15600 yuan / 9m2/ exhibition period;
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