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International material engineering technology reachs equipment exhibition
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Member company: 6970 yuan / 9m2/ exhibition period;
The standard exhibits include: Lintel of boarding, company board, basic lighting system
With simple furniture (electrical outlet of advisory desk, chair, power source) .

Smooth ground is exhibited (clearing together, without other any establishment) .
Charge: Domestic company: 980 yuan / M2/ exhibition period.
3 endowment enterprise: 1660 yuan / M2/ exhibition period.
Member company: 740 yuan / M2/ exhibition period.

Remarks: Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be able to avoid seminar of person of " 1 " to register cost.

[the product is recommended reach technical communication to meet]

The product is recommended reaching technical communication can be to join the optimal pattern that extends business to reach a client to introduce its advanced technique and device to personage of visiting exhibition major, and be inspect its product and technology to enter market feasibility most the way of effective.
Communication can collect fees 4, 600 yuan of RMBs (foreign capital enterprise 1200 dollars) / every / 1 hour, include to provide technical lecture room, assistance invites 50 professional personages to attend, offer audience drink.
4 communication can be held to meet everyday during exhibition (mix in the morning afternoon each 2) . Every lecture is the longest can undertake 1 hour (in the morning 9:00-11:30, afternoon 13:30-16:00) .

[look around, ginseng exhibit a detail to be contacted please]

Lion power of seminar of 2008 China material and —— of office of general affairs of exhibition —— exhibition shows a company
Phone: 86 (21) 64271916, 64271476
Fax: 86 (21) 54257273
Contact: Miss Guo Mr Liu
Network address:

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