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Hydrogen of the 2nd 2008 China International can with fuel cell exhibition (HFCE
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The corresponding period holds: Exhibition of car of 2008 China new energy resources

[sessional program is arranged]

Time: On November 18, 2008 - 20 days
Place: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center (road of treasure of Shanghai water transport 88)

[exhibit can send word]

2007 China (Shanghai) international hydrogen can invest trade fair and 2007 China hydrogen with fuel cell can international forum -- (HFCE2007) in July 21 - in Shanghai light 23 days congress exhibits a center to fall satisfactorily next heavy curtain. This activity by China but can professional committee initiates hydrogen of society of second birth the sources of energy, china of directly under of countrywide business association is the same as a source grand meeting of day of limited company organization, Shanghai exhibits service limited company to undertake, got car of new energy resources of ministry of national Department of Commerce, science and technology, Shanghai advances nature of the office, world the support that hydrogen of fund, international can learn. Exhibit this can aim to help domestic and international hydrogen can transmit brand and product centrally with the enterprise of fuel cell domain, help Chinese hydrogen can the program with fuel cell career and construction. The Chinese hydrogen that the corresponding period holds can wait for conference of high-end business affairs to lock up the key with fuel cell forum analysing experience, method and innovation train of thought surely, delibrate hydrogen can be built, fuel cell development, improvement the topic for discussion such as environmental quality and strategy of definition future development, in China but can professional committee holds hydrogen of society of second birth the sources of energy " hydrogen / natural gas mixes fuel seminar " on, came from domestic and international expert and entrepreneur to discuss Chinese hydrogen ardently can the first pace that traffic commercializes.
Current exhibit can share 63 ginseng that come from 15 countries and area to exhibited business to attend to exhibit, exhibit an area to amount to 2500 square metre, the ginseng that its China border postpones business exhibited an area to occupy exhibition gross area 64% . Ginseng exhibit business to be given priority to in order to produce a business, 91.3% what occupy all ginseng to postpone business. BMW, general, on light, well-known company all entered the first exhibition inside the course of study such as superhuman strength, Johnson, Hydrogen Corporation, Sejong, Du Bang, among them, BMW and GM and extraordinary power are more strong the hydrogenous motivation car that rolled out them. Exhibition hall cent makes hydrogen exhibit area, reserve / supply exhibit an area, evaluate / test / the analysis exhibits an area, make / processing technique exhibits 4 area such as the area, exhibition content covered 28 categories. Ginseng exhibit Trade Fair stage the design is excellent, exhibit individually show off dazzing, sort out of professional audience a white horse with a black mane is incessant, 3 days there were 2621 professional audiences that come from 22 countries and area to visit fair during exhibiting, among them abroad audience is 670 people, 26% what hold total number about. Exhibit a seminar that holds during the meeting and 4 technical communication to meet, field field is wonderful, the industry is senior the expert is free spot communication answers doubt, it is the development of the enterprise to give counsel, make personnel attending the meeting is inspired, get the welcome of professional personage inside course of study, spot atmosphere is extremely dynamic.
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