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Hydrogen of the 2nd 2008 China International can with fuel cell exhibition (HFCE
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Current exhibiting can be Chinese hydrogen the as can biggest as dimensions of fuel cell domain, internationally the strongest, product covers the widest, professional activity the richest exhibition. Exhibit the success of the meeting to hold, promote action to drove the development of course of study of what one is particularly good at of our country hydrogen to rise, also exhibit to continue to hold below one successfully can lay good foundation.
In November 2008 18 - 20 days, we invite sincerely domestic and international all hydrogen again can the Shanghai of expert scholar copolymerization of enterprise and development of estate of what one is particularly good at of hydrogen of all attention China. Because our target is,let hydrogen can serve the world at us.

University of Tsinghua of Dr. Mao Zongjiang is taught
International hydrogen can learn board member
China but hydrogen of society of second birth the sources of energy can be professional committee chairman

[show program]

Exhibition: On November 18, 2008 - 20 days of cloth exhibit: On November 16, 2008 - 17 days
Show a location: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center (road of treasure of Shanghai water transport 88)
Hold cycle: Annual limits of a market: Internationally
Predicting dimensions: 22, 000 square metre predict an audience: 10, 000 person-time

[professional and strong promotion, attract the whole world, ensure exhibition effect]

Sponsor an orgnaization to carry the promotion activity of diversity, use extensive propagandist channel strong promotion this is exhibited, in order to ensure exhibition face buys the home to the directest major. Promotion activity includes:
1 through China but can professional committee, each country is stationed in hydrogen of society of second birth the sources of energy China diplomatic and consular missions, and concern group of association, chamber of commerce, trade domestic and internationally to wait, mail to each member unit and relevant personnel directly propagandist data, invitation and ticket.
2, use the database of client natural resources with constituent huge unit, to each country investment business, trafficker mails propagandist data and invitation.
3, before exhibiting, will be in and other places of Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Chengdu holds a press conference, exhibit time hair sends the press release of the meeting to be stationed in domestic and internationally China media of orgnaization, much home and association.
4, make before be being exhibited elegantly, preview, the introduction refers the detailed case that extends an enterprise, and to be stationed in domestic and internationally China orgnaization, chamber of commerce, association extends freely.
5, plan to will invite a country to concern leader of ministries and commissions, concerned controller of industrial and commercial association attends each country opening ceremony.
6, target of the area outside reaching the of great capacity to China with the means such as mail, fax, straight mail buys business of business of the home, importer, investment, development to wait extend exhibit data of meeting conduct propaganda and invitation letter.
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