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Hydrogen of the 2nd 2008 China International can with fuel cell exhibition (HFCE
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[target audience]

Cell of the expert of relevant domain and professional personage, fuel produces broad fuel cell manufacturer of business, car, electronic product manufacturer, relevant energy company, wait like company of oil, gas, power, relevant building / workshop creates symbiosis of company, the sources of energy systematic manufacturer government / municipal office, venture capital investment person etc.

[business affairs conjugate]

Exhibit the actual effect sex of the meeting to strengthen, make join exhibit with join the unit of the meeting to be able to see more cause clients, undertake during the exhibition
Discuss effectively, secretariat will exhibit an unit to organize activity of business affairs conjugate to join, build butt joint platform for broad travelling merchant. Hope ginseng is exhibited and join
The enterprise of view and guest are wide to use.
Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be able to refer business affairs conjugate to serve application form division to secretariat according to his need, so that the organizing committee is your arrangement photograph
Answering conjugate enterprise, make an appointment business affairs negotiates time (application ends time: 28 years on November 1)

[ginseng extend range]

◇ exhibits an area integratedly: Save capital attraction of project of collaboration of city hydrogen the sources of energy, hydrogen to be able to reach positive result of relevant scientific research each turn concessive hatch, hydrogen can the integrated application of the domain and construction set an example etc; University hydrogen and orgnaization of fuel cell scientific research, boat of cell of fuel of car of hydrogenous fuel cell, hydrogen.
System of ◇ fuel cell / the product exhibits a group: Car of cell of fuel of carbonate of cell of cell of cell of cell of polymer electrolyte fuel, direct methanol fuel, solid oxide fuel, phosphoric acid fuel, melt, fuel cell / workshop of cell of device of shift of cell of autocycle, fuel, fuel / cell of building, other fuel
◇ hydrogen internal-combustion engine / hydric generate electricity technology / equipment of hydric cut, heal and technology: Use pure hydrogen, hydrogen / natural gas, hydrogen / the internal-combustion engine car of the fuel containing hydrogen such as benzine; Hydric generate electricity technology, equipment; Hydric combustion facilities, hydrogenous cut equipment.
◇ makes hydrogen exhibit an area: Reforming device / the technology, equipment that make hydrogen / technology, pure hydrogen, firedamp / propane / butane / methanol, benzine / kerosene / naphtha, live thing is simple can all sorts of system, device that make hydrogen / the technology
◇ lays in / supply exhibit an area: Canal of rice of accept of alloy of canister of lay aside hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, chemical hydride, carbon, compressor, alloter, valve / all sorts of contact, pump, hydric station, all sorts of storing up / supply relevant product / technology
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