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Hydrogen of the 2nd 2008 China International can with fuel cell exhibition (HFCE
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Technology of ◇ hydrogen security / equipment: Hydric detect, call the police equipment, defend hydric temper equipment and technology.
Component of ◇ fuel cell / raw material exhibits an area: Electrolyte / ion exchange film, electrode / material of amine of diffusion barrier of activator, gas, odd alcohol, segregator, other stack;
◇ evaluates / test / the analysis exhibits an area: Electric character detector, single cell detects impedance of equipment, electrochemistry measures equipment, power load equipment, gas to analyse sensor of device, hydrogen, flowmeter, dew point hygroscopic / thermometer / software of manometric, analysis (structure, heat, electromagnetism, fluidity, sound) , all sorts of calibration device / detect
◇ makes / processing technique exhibits an area: Punch is mechanical / treatment of technology, rolling is mechanical / technology, spreader fetterses / technology, nicety / careful processing technique / system of micro computer cable, heating furnace / combustion furnace / all sorts of kiln, grinder, production equipment / all sorts of component, processing technique
Equipment exhibits an area related ◇ : Equipment of unit of accrete system, hot trade, air feed / production equipment of air-blower, clean water, absorb condenser, light gas to discharge (water, carbon dioxide) vapour / hot water boiler, change stream implement, capacitor (double deck capacitance) , 2 batteries (nickel hydrogen

[technical communication lecture]

Technical communication and product news briefing every demarcate 2 hours, collect fees 10000 yuan. Send content essentials toward constituent unit ahead of schedule please.

[congress supports plan]

Cent of level of sponsor of current mass rally is: Diamond sponsor, platinum sponsor, gold sponsor, banquet sponsor (exclusive) , advertisement of sponsor of card of gift sponsor, data bag sponsor, bosom and condole rope sponsor, an arch over a gateway, website; (detailed data alls alone fully) .

[ginseng exhibit expense]

9 ㎡ standard exhibits ★ stage (note: Double-faced mouth is exhibited add collect 20 % fee)
In endowment enterprise: ¥ 8800 yuan / / exhibition period joint ventures: ¥ 11000 yuan / / exhibition period
Foreign capital enterprise: $ 2800 yuan / / exhibition period
Every standard is exhibited include [lintel of 3 boarding, company board, one desk 2 chair, shoot electrical outlet of power source of the lamp, 220V/5A 2 times, exhibit bespread 24 hours of carpet, Bao Jie, security personnel] .
Ground of ★ indoor light (note: Hire since 36 square metre the least, offer only ginseng exhibit a space, do not include any establishment. )
In endowment enterprise: ¥ 900 yuan / ㎡ / exhibition period joint ventures: ¥ 1100 yuan / ㎡ / exhibition period
Foreign capital enterprise: $ 280 yuan / ㎡ / exhibition period
Ground of the ★ light outdoor: ¥ 500 yuan / ㎡ / exhibition period (note: Hire since 36 square metre the least, offer only ginseng exhibit a space, do not include any establishment. )
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